Travel Insurance Shouldn’t Be a Stress

Passports – check, boarding pass – check, you haven’t left the kids at home – check, INSURANCE!

Travel insurance is easy to forget, and according to Bought By Many many of you have either left it until the last minute or […]

Massive Skies: My Cornwall Fave’s From Instagram

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How to Fit More Travel Videos on a Mobile Device

Have you gotten into the habit of transferring your favourite travel videos over to your mobile device so that you can watch them regardless of where you happen to be? If you’ve tried it once you’ll be hooked on how […]

Keeping In Touch With The Rest of The World

It’s true, the world really is becoming a smaller place thanks to advancements in transport and technology.  With the world population topping 7 billion in 2014, information has never been so accessible and people can get to and from places […]

The World’s Hardest Cycling Competitions

Some people head abroad for pleasure, others for business. But there are a select few who travel to the farthest reaches of the planet to find the toughest cycling competitions known to man. Sound like something you’d be interested in? […]

Things You’ll See on a Rhine Cruise

Amazing castles, stunning scenery and excellent local vineyards are just a few of the attractions you can enjoy as you cruise down one of Europe’s greatest rivers. From the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine passes through some […]

Top 5 City Escapes in Eastern Europe

The Top 5 City Escapes Of Eastern Europe

Everybody knows Eastern Europe is the new go to for budget travellers looking for vibrant cities and exciting nightlife. Travellers are packing their bags and booking tickets to Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria simply […]

A Brief History of London from the Sky – Helicopter View

For history, architecture, culture and beauty, the City of London takes some beating.

Seen from any angle its grand boulevards, green parks and Victorian terraces combine to create a fascinating tapestry of life in this vast metropolis.

One of the best ways […]

A Guide to Skiing in Japan – Niseko Land of the Falling Snow

Every now and then there is a ski resort that creeps up on us. Comes from out of nowhere, to become one of the major players in the skiing world. In recent years, that resort has been Japan. Enticing people […]

Entrepreneurial Success Stories – Famous Rags to Riches Emigrants

Emigration is the name given to the process of leaving one’s country with the purpose to settle on a permanent basis in another. There is also the word immigration which is used when a person resides in a country which is not […]