Travellers who have earned a place in the imaginary globocation hall of fame by letting go of routine, pushing aside societal obligations, cleansing themselves of rat race pressures and setting out to change themselves whilst opening their eyes and minds to a wonderful Earth.

Travel Inspiration – Eric Giuliani

Well done Eric Giuliani for making the globocation hall of fame! Quite a nice video and some simple truths about travel. You can read more Guiliani-isms on his blog

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The Routine is the Enemy of Time – Travel Video by Jedidiah Jenkins

If you ever needed a rationale as to why you should travel, or ever wondered why some travellers embark on the most extrordinary life changing journeys then you should invest 4 minutes of your life and watch this video. It […]

Jason Lewis – Going Round the World in 13 Years by Human Power

Globocation is all about ‘going round the world’. However, adventurer Jason Lewis has literally gone round it using only his own steam – bicycle, roller skates, pedal boats. A total 46,000 miles and it ONLY took him 13 years. This […]