Part 2 Globodave’s Guide to Backpacker Jobs and How to Find Work When Travelling

Part 2 – Globodave’s Guide to Backpacker Jobs and How to Find Work When Travelling!
Welcome to the second installment of my guide to finding work abroad in the guise of a backpacker – you’ll find part 1 here. This shorter section will […]

Preventing infection on board a cruise liner

Preventing infection on board a cruise liner

Preventing and controlling infections can be a real challenge for cruise operators. While at sea, ships can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. In large part, this is due to the logistical […]

Coping with Travel Delays

Banish the Boredom of Travel Delays
When you’re going on holiday, delays are the absolute WORST. Not only are they financially stressful, they’re also mind-numbingly boring. Perhaps you’re stranded mid journey, just want to get home or maybe you haven’t even […]

Starting Salaries & Enhancing Careers with a Gap Year

What starting salary should you expect after graduating?

Finishing your degree is a milestone event and, with your studies behind you, you can start looking forward to the world of work. One of the main questions on your mind as you […]

Overseas Travel – When Things Don’t Go Quite To Plan…

Going away? It’s definitely an adventure. Whether you’re travelling long term, or just for the weekend, it’s bound to be an exciting journey and one you’ll look forward to for a long while beforehand. The planning and preparations can often […]

Top Tips for Saving on Boat Insurance

What are the best ways to slash boat insurance costs, without sacrificing coverage?

The industry is experiencing an amazing window of opportunity for finding incredible deals on great boats to buy. Of course, the dream of owning your own marine vessel […]

Taking Your Parents On Holiday; The How and The Where

For the first 16 or so years of our lives, we are cared for by our parents. They feed us, clothe us, nurture us. They give us lifts at 10 o’clock at night and come into school if we’re being […]

What to Pack When Travelling with Kids

Travelling as a family is a great way to spend quality time together. However, living out of a suitcase isn’t easy at the best of times, and it can be even more difficult when kids are involved. So, from clothes […]

Has the ‘Gap Year’ Become a Cliche?

The Gap Year has become such a common step in the journey from school pupil to adult it is hard to believe it is still a fairly recent phenomenon.

For employers scanning CVs, the occurrence of the gap year experience appearing […]

The Dullest Countries in the World

This is a guest post written by travel blogger Joe Johnson, Globocation would like to point out that these are Joe’s views and not those of the Globocation team.

How many lists of ‘great’ countries to visit have you seen in […]