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There's only one Machu Pichu...
There’s only one Machu Pichu…



  1. Adam Beaumont says:

    Hi Guys, 
    My name is Adam Beaumont and currently own a travel blog, and have started to get enquiries from my current client base asking whether I can recommend them other bloggers that also accept sponsored posts and are able to publish them within 48 hours. 
    Just so that I am able to build a small list of travel blogs can complete this then if you let me know then I will add you to the list.
    As you will understand I am constantly looking for new advertising opportunities and would also appreciate it if you could do the same by referring any potential advertisers.
    Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
    Adam Beaumont
    Skype: adambeaumont1
    Phone: 0161 4082219

    1. Great thanks Adam. I am happy to be added

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