Highway To Hell… Or Heaven?
Everyone likes a getaway but clearly, some people’s idea of heaven is going to be another one’s idea of hell. So what are the best types of trip for each sort of person? Clearly, everyone’s an individual, but depending on what you’re looking for, this handy guide should give you an idea of what’s for you if you’re somehow stuck for inspiration…

Red Sea Hotels
Relaxing by the pool is not everyone’s idea of a holiday…

No one family is the same, but we’re betting the struggles are! If the kids are still young enough to be stressing you out daily (well, it’s far less avoidable when they’re little, anyway!), then a beach break might just be perfect for you. The kids can splash about in the sea, whilst you relax on the sand and even out that tan. That’s the theory, anyway! Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands, such as Tenerife, are all great options and you can usually catch some great low-priced flights. If you fall in love, you can even invest out there! The likes of Tenerife Estate Agents make it really affordable to relocate or have a holiday home to retreat to when you really want to avoid the grim realities of home.
Everyone needs to have a wild lads’ or girls’ holiday at some point in their lives, so why not this summer? Popular locations like Ibiza, Magaluf and Ayia Napa will be alive and buzzing throughout the season, so make sure you’re not left out. Perfect for if you’re a bit of a party-person, and you just want to let your hair down. The clubs and boat parties are world famous, and whilst they might seem extortionate, it’s all evened out by the super-cheap all-inclusive package deals you’ll be able to get your hands on for out there. Just please, please pick up a European Health Insurance card (they’re free, and super easy!) before you go – there’s no trusty NHS out there for any of your holiday dramas! Just remember, the insurance may not cover your bill if you’re a little ‘worse for wear’ shall we say, so be careful of ending up in too much trouble – it could cost you!
Europe is renowned for some absolutely breath-taking scenery, so you and your partner should make the most of it, and its landmarks. Whether you want to want to soak in the culture of Paris, the city of Love, or you fancy a ride in a famous Gondola in Venice, you’ll want your trip away to be full of memories.
Cultural Aficionados
The world has such a deep, interesting history that if you tried to see it all, you’d be there all day. Start with the obvious – perhaps Rome’s Coliseum, or maybe you want to see Picasso’s famous Guernica painting hanging in Madrid? There’s all kinds of other culture out there to marvel at – from checking out the White House in Washington DC, to the Sydney Opera House in Australia. It just depends what interests you most!
Music Lovers
The world is renowned for some absolutely amazing festivals. Whether you want to hit up Spain’s Benicassim, America’s Coachella, Riot Fest or Warped, Belgium’s Groezrock, or one of the many thousands more, including right here in the UK, there’ll be an event for everyone. If there’s not? Go anyway. Some of the most fun you can ever have is during festival season, it’s not all about the music!
Thrill Seekers
If you love adventure, sitting around doing nothing on holiday isn’t likely to be in your blood. Whether you want to be off trekking across Asia, skiing in the Alps, or climbing in the Canadian mountains, there are an abundance of destinations right up your street. Just make sure you follow advice of local guides, and if you must stray off the beaten path, stick with a group!
Sports Fanatics
If you love sport, there are plenty of games you can get away for. Whether it’s your team or not, the thrill of the match is often a big draw for many people. Why not visit iconic Baseball stadiums like that of the New York Yankees, or perhaps basketball legends like the Miami Heat team? Both are in incredible locations, so you can double up with sightseeing. In the run up to Brazil hosting the World Cup, clearly the country has been put on the map, so even if you’re not lucky enough to be attending the actual matches, the history will remain long after the teams have gone.