Come On Donald – It’s Namibia Not Nambia

On Wednesday U.S. President Donald Trump erroneously referred to the southern African nation of Namibia as ‘Nambia’, a country that doesn’t exist, twice in a speech to African leaders in New York. In fact, the Namibian leader, Hage Geingob was in the room when he made the gaffe, along with heads of state from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Guinea, Senegal and Uganda…

a tree in the vast emptiness of namibia

Here are 10 interesting facts about Namibia, so that you may never do the same!

  1. The name Namibia comes from the Nama word meaning ‘vast place of nothingness’.
  2. It is an appropriate name as Namibia is the second least densely populated country in the world, after Mongolia.
  3. Namibia has the highest sand dunes in the world. At a whopping 325m, the Big Daddy dune in Sossusvlei is a smidge taller than The Shard in London.
  4. It’s  home to the oldest, driest desert in the world (the Namib Desert).
  5. You’ll also find the largest free-roaming population of black rhino and desert elephant, as well as 25% of the world’s cheetah in Namibia
  6. Etosha, Africa’s oldest national park, is the number-one tourist destination.
  7. Namibia was the first African country to incorporate environmental protection into it’s constitution and more than 40 percent of the country is under conservation management.
  8. Namibia was once a German colony, and every year The Windhoek Oktoberfest reveals a special festival beer created by Namibian Breweries in preparation for an average of 10,500 litres of beer to be drunk in the sun at the festival.
  9. On average, visitors can bask in 300 days of sunshine each year.
  10. Namibia is the safest country in Africa to work in as a journalist. It remains number one in Africa in press freedom and ranks 24th out of 180 countries globally according to the World Press Freedom ranking.



Visit the Namibian Tourist Board for more information. Click this link to some absolutely knock out images of Namibia courtesy of National Geographic

About the Namibia Tourism Board

The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) was founded on 02 April 2001 and entrusted with a mandate from the Namibian government to market the country’s tourism industry both nationally and internationally. The NTB has offices in Windhoek, Frankfurt and Cape Town and acts as contact partner, consultant and cooperation partner for end consumers, travel agencies, travel operators, MICE agencies and representatives of the industry, economy and media.