Marina Bay, Singapore
Marina Bay, Singapore

With Asia arguably the fastest growing economy in the world, the last decade has seen it become a very popular destination for travellers, as well as attracting a new type of tourist thanks to the emergence of their impressive cities.
Singapore’s involvement with Britain and its Commonwealth throughout the last two or three centuries has built up a strong relationship with British visitors and is one of these destinations that the Asian economy has helped popularise even more so. As a consequence, many Britons travel over to Singapore for jobs in finance such as private banking jobs and wealth management jobs, with the likes of AP Executive helping them out.
There are two sides to Singapore that include the modern look of the city and its towering structures and then outside the city there is the natural aspect that has been turned into parks and nature trails. For those planning a trip out to Singapore, here are a few suggestions as where to visit:
Marina Bay
Singapore’s Marina Bay is one of the most impressive locations in the city and is a destination that is worth a visit at any time of the day. Possibly the main attraction has to be the triple towers that make up the main hotel and their rooftop swimming pools are a sight to behold. Thanks to the exciting arrival of the city’s own Formula 1 race, this area has gained a lot of attraction from tourists.
Singapore Zoo
This is a destination that is great to start your day with thanks to its early opening time that allows you to get around in the morning and beat the heat, as well as the crowds. Singapore’s zoo is perfect for families, as there are plenty of attractions that children will enjoy, especially those of a young age.
MacRitchie Nature Trail
An area where you will find Singapore’s more natural side is just outside of the city is The MacRitchie Nature Trail, with the reservoir is a sight to behold in itself. The surrounding reserve is just as break-taking as you navigate through thick forest areas, and a experiencing the TreeTop walk is a particular highlight of this Singapore location.
About the author: Sam writes for AP Executive who offer recruitment in financial services and finance jobs in Singapore, as well as in the likes of Geneva and London.