When you decide where to go on holiday, this can be a decision fraught with choices, and it’s easy to get yourself stressed trying to pick between your short-list of resorts! For me, it would always come down to choosing a resort that had plentiful scope for getting out and about, as well as plenty to do within the town/resort itself. Basically, I look at excursions that are available, because these give me more fun and exploration in my holiday, and this is an important factor for me.

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You don’t have to pick somewhere that involves trekking mountains or finding your way through jungles to explore, it can simply be a beach resort that has nearby villages, or historical ruins to check out. It doesn’t have to be extreme, and can be anything to fit into your comfort zone.
Excursions do however cost money, so it’s important to find ways to cut costs before you go away, and whilst you’re away, in order to allow you to see more. A good way to do this is to say ‘no’ to expensive public transport in order to get to the airport door. This is something I do regularly, so I can certainly vouch for it, and parking at Leeds Bradford Airport is regular service of mine, giving me a cost-cutting option, and a calmer start to my travel day. This is a nationwide service, so do check out what is available from your airport.
You can continue your cost-cutting mission whilst you’re away when it comes to purchasing your excursions. Now, if you book a package deal you will probably have a welcome meeting with your rep when you arrive. It’s personal choice whether you go or not but it does give you important information, and it will also allow you to find out more about which excursions are available in your area. I would simply treat this meeting as an information finding mission, and instead, I would go onto the street, and book my excursion of choice with a street vendor.
The New Berlin Walking Tours - Free and uber informative
The New Berlin Walking Tours – Free and uber informative

Why? Well rep trips are almost always more expensive, and you can find the same or very similar trip from a street vendor for less cost. You can also haggle your price here, and if there are a few of you then you may find you get a discount, especially if you book more than one trip. Basically, if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Or alternatively, perform a google search for ‘free tours’, for instance, the New Berlin Walking Tours are excellent.
I would book around two or three excursions myself; I would break up a two weeks’ holiday by having a trip in the middle of the first week, perhaps one on the middle weekend, and another in the middle of the second week. This breaks up your holiday and prevents possible boredom.
Excursions are the ideal way to explore with a safety net, so get out and see what your destination has to offer, other than the beach and pool!