Planning Your Affordable Trip to Long Island
Are you looking to plan an affordable trip to the East Coast any time soon? First thing you need to cross off your to-do list is booking a Long Island hotel. After this, then you can start thinking about the different art museums, beach fun, shopping, and other outdoor fun you can have in this eclectic city. Long Island is just a one hour drive away from the big city of New York, yet a world away full if it’s own exploration to be had. This charming city is the perfect getaway for any type of traveler.
Long Island, USA
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Cheap Hotels in the City

Let’s start with a budget friendly hotel of the city, like Ramada Long Island City. This hotel is within close proximity to the N train which will take you straight into the boroughs of Manhattan, and offers a complimentary continental breakfast to get your day started off right. For travelers seeking a boutique style hotel, check out The Ravel Hotel. For just a few extra dollars, the price serves you well with a complimentary shuttle into the city as well as a spectacular view of the Queensboro Bridge from the restaurant terrace.

Now for the Fun

What is there to do in Long Island? View or buy local art that is exhibited in the forms of glass, paint, sculptures, and offerings of workshops to learn on your own at the Gallery North. For the tree huggers, stop by the Fox Hollow Farm to pick out your own strawberries, pumpkins, and other harvests. Saving some of the best adventures for last, Long Island’s beaches are known for their white sands and surf friendly waves. After spending your day in the city, cool down with a beverage at the relaxing Vintage25 Wine Bar and Lounge for your evening. Don’t forget to find your hotel nearby all of these great local attractions with

Getting Around Town

First off, there are two airports that you can use to get to Long Island. LaGuardia Airport is approximately six miles to the city center while John F Kennedy Airport is fifteen miles away. For affordable transportation to get you around the city, take the Long Island Railroad from the Pennsylvania Station. For more freedom and to avoid traffic through the city, try renting a car and taking the car ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson.

Food for the Soul

Now that you’ve gotten all of your other details straight, it’s time to sit down for a bite to eat. Munch on traditional Long Island sandwiches at the Sparks Deli, where the food is rated highly with the locals the prices can’t be beat. The East Coast is rich with culture, and you will be able to taste this through the food at Friendly Restaurant, serving up delicious Chinese food for dine in or take out. Do you have recommendations? Leave a comment for us here.
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