Great Catch!

Great Catch!

Canada is a spectacular place to visit, not only because of the great people and hospitality, but also because of the wealth of natural beauty to experience. Millions of people travel to Canada every year to catch a glimpse of the wonderful countryside, vibrant cities and vast entertainment districts – but what if you’re the type of tourist that doesn’t like to follow the crowds? There are a number of alternative holidaying activities to undertake in Canada, and because of the vast freshwater lakes dotted all around the country, fishing is a popular sport.

There’s no bigger adventure than freshwater fishing in Canada, especially when you’re surrounded by amazing views and beautiful scenery. Most people base their vacation plans around fishing in Canada, as the country offers some of the best marine hotspots in the world. As summer approaches, bookings are being taken up very quickly, so if you’re thinking about visiting Canada for a spot of fishing this year, here are some of the best places to go.

The North and British Columbia

There are great fishing spots all over Canada, however the north of the country can’t be matched. Not only are there big fish to catch, but they’re aggressive too, proving some much needed excitement to your holiday! Because of the fast and deep-flowing waters, only the biggest fish have survived to become the dominant predators, meaning there’s a real buzz with professional fishermen in the area.

If you’re a serious amateur, and want to get the most out of your fishing holiday in Canada, then you can select a fishing spot from a variety of places across the country. From Quebec to Ontario, there are loads of incredible water systems large numbers of fish.

If you’re on the hunt for freshwater salmon and trout, then British Columbia is the place for you. If it’s the fish you’re after, then you won’t find bigger specimens then the lakes in this stunning province, and if you’re looking to take in the scenery, then there’s more beauty than your eyes will ever be able to handle!

Not only are the panorama landscapes simply breath-taking, but there are a number of great campsites to stay at, meaning you can live your fishing dream for as long as you like. Visit for some great car rental deals whilst finishing in Canada this year.

Moving East

There is a huge stretch of Canadian shield located towards the east of the country, so there are a number of places to stop off at from Saskatchewan and Alberta through to Manitoba. With over 2,000 lakes and wonderful countryside as a backdrop, you certainly won’t want to forget your camera on your way east.

It’s very quiet and peaceful in these parts too, so if you want to spend some quality time with or family, or simply just putting your mind to catching a whopper, then you’ll have all the time and space in the world here. Further east you’ll find places like Quebec and Ontario, which are also famous for their freshwater carp. Ontario is home to over 200,000 lakes on its own!