The Ocean is Calling…

Are you a beach baby? An aspiring mermaid? Or just love the surf and sand on a gorgeous day? If you constantly hear the call of the ocean, an afternoon at the beach is probably your idea of the perfect day. Whether you adore the ocean or just love to travel, there are a few well-known beaches that you need to see in your lifetime. A beach is never just sand and water—the best beaches are surrounded by exciting attractions, food, shopping, and adventure. If you are looking for another excuse to hit the beach, the following are a few famous spots in the U.S. that you might want to add to your bucket list.

Famous Beaches - Brighton Beach via

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, NY

Whether it’s watching sea lions dance at the New York Aquarium or sunbathing along the Atlantic Ocean, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn is a top beachfront neighborhood in NYC. A walk along the historic Coney Island boardwalk also leads to some of the oldest amusement parks in North America as well as the original world famous Nathan’s Hot Dog concession. Many hear “New York City” and only think of Broadway and riding a yellow cab around a bustling city, but if you want to get away for a little relaxation, give Brighton Beach a try.

Atlantic City, NJ

Few places on earth offer tourists the chance to dip in the ocean and then hit the streets for exciting night life within the same hour. If you are the type of tourist that enjoys lounging on the beach all day and exploring at night, Atlantic City’s oceanfront is the place for you. The boardwalk offers great nightlife, shopping, and excitement for adults. If you are less about the glamour and more about the ocean, you can touch tropical sharks and stingrays at the Atlantic City Aquarium near the water.

Myrtle Beach, SC Spring Break 2007

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, SC

As the top resort town in the Carolinas, Myrtle Beach is a family friendly vacation destination. The Skywheel offers aerial views of the entire oceanfront, while other amusement and water parks feature plenty of other fun rides. Visitors will also be fascinated by the several Ripley’s attractions including an Aquarium at “Broadway at the Beach” shopping center. Myrtle Beach is truly the full package, offering entertainment, surf and sand, and plenty of adventures for families and groups alike.

Miami Beach, FL

The historic Art Deco district in Miami Beach is lined with boutique style hotels overlooking beautiful beaches that have coconut palm trees. With some of the best nightlife in Florida, the South Beach neighborhood offers an amazing party scene with plenty of international flavor especially Latino influence. Those who’d like a more private vacation can stay in Miami Beach’s premier resorts such as the iconic Fontainebleau. Lummus Park Beach, which is open to the public, also gets packed with some of the most beautiful people in Florida. Encountering celebrities along Ocean Drive is a normal part of daily life in South Beach.

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Santa Monica Beach, California

Santa Monica, CA

If you love to stake out your spot in the sand and spend your day worshiping the sun, or plunge right in and enjoy the water until you wrinkle, California is the spot for you. As one of the top beachfront communities in southern California, Santa Monica invites visitors to enjoy some traditional Pacific style surfing or catching a tan while laying on golden sand. The historic Pacific Park amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier offers fun rides for adults and kids including a solar-powered Ferris wheel.

States like California and New Jersey have dozens of beaches that are great stops during summertime road trips. Similarly, Florida’s Gulf and Atlantic coasts boast more than 100 oceanfront communities. If you spend your springs and summers scouting for the perfect beaches, try out a few of these famous beaches and see what all the fuss is about. Aside from being great swimming and tanning spots, the surrounding activities are enough to keep you occupied and happy at these famous hot spots. So quit dreaming about the beach—pull out your bucket list and get ready to cross off a few sunny destinations!

The information for this article was provided by the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce who helps travelers find North Myrtle Beach condo rentals.