Five Things In London You Need To Do Right Now!
Okay, so perhaps you’re unable to get to London right this second, but whether you’re in the UK or far off lands, the next time you’re there, this is what you need to see and do…
London Skyline
Jack The Ripper Tour
Admit it, everyone loves some good old macabre fun. Why do a standard tour of London that’ll probably leave you frankly a little bored, when you can get the juicy, murderous details of Jack The Ripper and all of his scandalous crimes instead? On the Jack The Ripper Walk, you’ll get exciting titbits of info, hear all about the conflict among the police that lead to him slipping through the net and escaping being brought to justice for his gruesome crimes, and you’ll walk the haunted (maybe), grim (in a good way), and terrifying streets of London the way they would have been walked back then. Plus, because you’ll definitely need to calm your nerves afterwards, you can enjoy a stiff drink or two at an old Victorian pub, whose punters met their untimely deaths at his hands!
jack the ripper tour in london
London Dungeon
In keeping with the less than cheerful theme, the next adventure is equally thrilling. The London Dungeons – complete with a mini boat trip and even a stomach-turning ride, is absolutely incredible, and well worth the doom and gloom. You’ll be guided around by actors in perfect character, teaching you about the sights and sounds of old London. Be aware – you may get picked as a volunteer for this one, and there are some seriously spooky bits which aren’t for the faint hearted! You can typically find 2-4-1 deals on this one online, so keep a lookout!
Hint Hunt
Hint Hunt is brilliant, whether you’re a group of 3-5 pals, colleagues, or even a family – although if you’re the latter, you might just kill one another! No, this isn’t another death-defying experience but it will get your adrenaline going 110%. You’re locked in a room for an hour, with nothing but clues to be able to escape. It’s a modern day game show, except the only cameras are the ones linking up to the HQ so they can give you a helping hand. You’ll need your wits about you – and your brains, logic and your best concentration. Will you make it out alive? (Spoiler alert: everyone makes it out alive, thankfully, but whether you make it out in time is another story…).
Eat Right
There are too many places to pick just one. Whether you want something (relatively) cheap and cheerful, like American outlet The Diner, or a full blown extravagant Michelin Star affair, London has you covered. With some of the world’s top restaurants in the city itself, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Dinner By Heston is a fantastic option, and despite its celebrity chef name, incredible atmosphere views, award winning in house team and of course, delicious Michelin Star food, it’s actually not terribly expensive – you’ll just need to book in advance via Open Table!
Download Uber
London cabs are super expensive, so thankfully, there’s now an alternative. The tubes aren’t quite 24 hours just yet, so if you’re stuck and looking for a way home and don’t fancy your chances on a night bus (real terror just doesn’t have the same excitement as some of the orchestrated stuff above…), then you need to download Uber. You can find all kinds of promo codes online to get discounted fares, and a driver will come to your location at a time you specify, for a much lower rate than in a cab.