It’s easy to forget sometimes the convenience and options provided by our local airports. The big airports dominate the news with concerns of extra runways but it’s often the local ones that can provide us with the best choice and suitability, whether you’re hoping to jet off abroad or just fly within the UK.
Getting to Scotland from ‘down south’ can be notoriously difficult, expensive and stressful by car or train. However, hop on one of Eastern Airways flights from local airports across the UK and find the journey time – and your stress levels – quickly diminish.
You can reach Aberdeen from Norwich, East Midlands or Cardiff all without having to check your tyre pressure and windscreen washing solution: simply pack a good book in your hand luggage and take it easy while the pilot does all the hard work for you.
Likewise, a flight from Newcastle can take you over to Stavanger in Norway without the inconvenience of having to get to a London airport. This may seem trivial to some people but to those who need to see family and friends in difficult to reach places, such as Stornoway, knowing there’s a flight from Leeds/Bradford straight there is a boon.
Put it this way, a flight from Southampton to Aberdeen will take just under two hours. Now even factoring in the time spent at the airport each end before and after the flight, the truth is this is still much quicker that the predicted nine and a half HOURS it would take to drive that distance by car – that’s not including breaks for the toilet or food, or any traffic jams you might encounter – and the petrol costs alone for the journey are at least £110. Suddenly, local airports with short haul flights start to make sense.
Add to this the simplicity of an integrated app for your mobile to keep you up-to-date with all the flight information you need and you’ll be putting away your satnav quicker than you can say ‘in-flight magazine’, so grab an onboard coffee and relax – let somebody else doing the navigating and enjoy a quick rest before arriving refreshed at your final destination.