Gluten free world foods
Gluten free world foods

You may think that because you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease you can never eat the foreign foods that you once enjoyed whilst you are on your trip. No more soft doughy pizzas in Italy, world famous German cakes and biscuits or even the simple things like French bread, croissants or crepes in Paris as they will all make you feel quite sick. However, help is on hand no matter where you are in the world. Local restaurants are working hard to create gluten free foods that can substitute the meals you love from the far corners of the earth, so you can enjoy Italian, Indian and local delights!
You love Italian and are visiting Naples, but have had to say goodbye to the taste of pizza due to its gluten content – well that is where you are wrong! Today you can order tasty gluten free pizzas in most local pizzerias. If you’re heading out, try a menu where you can enjoy pizza as much as the next person – just simply put in your request to the chef before you order. Still concerned about cross-contamination with gluten? There are an abundance of recipes to create your own pizza and pasta dishes if you are on the road or in self-catering accommodation– search Gluten-Free Roads to find a shop that sells alternative products in your chosen region.
Gluten Free Roads aims to help out people who want to eat out abroad, shop for gluten free whilst on holiday and travel worry free about the consequences of eating in another country.
In India? If your taste buds crave the exotic taste of a good curry, delicious naan or you are visiting Thailand, plain rice and rice noodles are staple non-gluten products and so can be enjoyed with no fear. Make your own with lentils, chickpeas and fish these are healthy and tasty, replacing the gluten high products normally used in these meals – you can even now buy gluten free naans!
A weekend away in Paris is a Celiac’s worst nightmare, if you have more of a sweet-tooth and enjoy the fine taste of pastries, sweet breads and pain au chocolat, throughout France there are many bakeries and shops that are devoted to providing these kinds of foods as a gluten free alternative. Enjoy cookies, croissants, breads and more baked to perfection without wheat, rye and barley. Just ask, here is the translation ‘Je souffre de la maladie coeliaque et doit suivre un plan de nutrition strict sans gluten.’ Which simply translates to ‘I have celiac disease and must maintain a strict gluten-free diet’. If you are language shy, the map function on Gluten Free Roads will lead to the nearest local supermarket to find products that are suitable for you to cook with.
You haven’t got to alienate yourself from World famous foods just because you have celiac disease and are travelling. There are plenty of substitutes available on the market to make your own exotic dishes whilst away and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes around the world that offer gluten-free delights, so don’t think you have to stick to the same foods everyday – explore what’s out there!