lone traveller
lone traveller

Arranging a holiday with a group of friends can be a real pain in the proverbials – there’s always someone that wants to throw a spanner in the works with a different opinion. One might want a quiet beach retreat and two weeks of soaking up the sun while another wants adventure and every day packed out with activities. It’s almost impossible pleasing everyone so why not just leave everyone? Going solo might sound like a scary plan but it can be an exciting and life-changing experience that you’ll be pleased you did.
Not quite sure about jetting off to faraway countries for your first solo trip? Just hopping across to the next island can be extremely liberating and may give you the taste for more lone travel. Ireland is not only a beautiful and breathtaking country, but it’s a great choice for first time solo ventures overseas because of its diverse landscape. If you’re looking for some real alone time and somewhere to take in great scenery away from the cities then one of the great Irish Coastal Walks will provide spectacular views across the ocean and a real taste of natural Ireland at its best. But if you’re looking for a lively weekend of people watching then Dublin, Galway and Cork also offer plenty to do as well as the opportunity to mix in with the locals. Ireland is a friendly place where the locals are extremely welcoming to travellers, especially those on their own.
Scandinavia is renowned for being among the safest countries to travel to, and Sweden is at the top of the list for many a lone traveller thanks to its spectacular buildings and architecture, boat tours that allow you to take in the sights from a different viewpoint and stunning parklands to relax and unwind in. Open spaces make up around a third of Stockholm and are perfect for enjoying a coffee while watching the world go by. Another must is a swim by the Långholmen Pontoon; this used to be a prison island but is now a popular spot to take a dip in the water (which is warmer than you’d expect) and then dry off in the sun. At night, Stockholm really comes to life with restaurants, concerts and bars when you can enjoy a quiet night of entertainment or a lively night with fellow travellers.
If you’re going to travel alone then why not throw yourself in at the deep end and book a trip as far from home as you can get. Australia is a traveller’s paradise and nowhere is more accepting of travellers and lone explorers than Australia. Sydney is one city on the bucket list of every adventurer thanks to the travelling culture there and the ease of getting around, finding work – if you’re planning on staying longer – and having fun. From The world famous Harbour with views of the bridge and Sydney Opera House to the gorgeous golden sandy beaches, Sydney has got it all. While there’s plenty to do inside the city, nearby the Blue Mountains are a must-see. With fantastic rock formations that’ll take your breath away and walks of all levels, you’ll love the feeling of freedom and seclusion that you get away from the city.
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