Golfing in the Great Outdoors of Australia

Golf is a sport best experienced in person, a televised experience just doesn’t cut it; so how about heading down under for a golfing sojourn, after all you’re bound to have the weather on your side!
Australia is home to some of the best golf greens the world has to offer, in addition to home-grown talented golfers such as Jason Day, Geoff Ogilvy, Adam Scott, and female champ Karrie Webb, and a wide selection of internationally acclaimed golf tournaments hosted within Aussie borders. Australia has 2 out of the current 10 top golf players in the world in Day and Scott.

Adam Scott winning the Masters at Augusta in 2013
Adam Scott winning the Masters at Augusta in 2013

Mystery History

Australia’s obsession with golf goes back. Way back. It is largely unknown that Australia’s PGA goes back as far as it does which is much further back than 1973 when the PGA Tour was officially formed. The PGA of Australia’s origins date back to 1911 when several Scottish expats decided to elevate the sport nationally by formalising it with an association. The PGA is the world’s second oldest Professional Golfers Association and member of the PGA World Alliance.
Australia has become a golfing epicentre and the world knows it. With good reason too. Australia’s golf tourism industry has been growing a minimum of 3% per year and currently stands at 5%. Both domestic and international golf tourism are up with over 1.2 domestic golf enthusiasts and international visitors spending on average between $6,000 and $7,000 for 5 day golf getaways.

Golfing greens at their best - the Murray Downs GC
Golfing greens at their best – the Murray Downs GC

Australia will satisfy the avid golf enthusiast’s desire to observe the pros in action, and the need to play some rounds of golf at a handful of the finest greens the world has ever seen. Murray Downs Golf Club is one such example of a prime Australian golf experience.

PGA Tour of Australasia

Australasia’s PGA Tour is big. How big? A prize pool of over AUD $8.5 million, that’s how big. A prize pool of that magnitude attracts big fish from all around the world and is sure to bring the best out of the world’s elite.
The golf rivalry between China and Australia is continuing to heat up as this year’s PGA Tour Australasia feature talented players like Shaun Piper pulling out all of the stops with some great scores.

The Masters Tournament

Another highlight of the PGA is Australia’s Masters Tournament, which is a jewel atop the PGA of Australia’s 100+ year heritage. Additional events include ISUZU Queensland Open Championship, FIJI International tournament, Emirates Australian Open, and a number of regional championships throughout the country.

A “Breeding Ground for Talent” 

Aside from being a top golf destination, Australia is also the world’s talent petri dish. With 20 players currently in the world’s top 250 rankings, the future is bright for Australian golf.
Whatever it is about golf in Australia, come catch some of the action. Have you visited Australia on a golf trip? What did you do, where did you go? Please do let us know in the comments!