travelIn a word: very. We could dance around the issue for a while, but having the right breakdown cover could be the difference between a happy holiday or a very bad time (and a very hefty bill) should things go wrong. Not that one should always worry that things will go wrong, but there is a concern that they can. As such, buying the right insurance that covers you at home and abroad, or even buying insurance separately for that one-off trip, just in case, could make a big difference.
There are many insurers out there.  RAC car breakdown cover  is one of the best. Of course, always think to shop around for the right deal. But full cover, or the most breadth of choice, usually comes from the top.  There are many benefits from going with RAC, or any big name insurer. It costs more but it is piece of mind. There are several great price comparison websites where you can check rates, but the deals are also found on websites, also by phone, many 10% off! It’s a tiring endeavor but never fear and never quit, because it’s important to find the right cover for you.
It also depends on the country you are going to. Europe may have better roads and better drivers, but there’s still the problem of a language barrier. If your car does break down will you be able to communicate with the locals? Several insurers will offer English speaking incident managers and call centres, where they can manage your breakdown and wing a friendly repair man your way. There’s no need to struggle with a broken down car in the middle of a foreign country when there are helpful hands that can help you out. That or rely on your languages graduate children.
There’s a lot of concerns if your car were to break down, even more so if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. Your own insurance cover abroad allows you to take some of the fright away, and in the least provides a safety net from the cost of accidents. It’s worth buying that little bit more cover, just in case, since hiring a car can lead to a myriad of issues so it’s good to get the cover you deserve. The cover you can afford.