How to get the most out of your Ski holidays

The first thing to do when trying to decide where to enjoy some winter sports is to carry out some research. If you are a first class skier then you will most probably be looking for some more dangerous ‘off piste’ skiing that would leave a newbie shaking in their skis.
There are many all inclusive ski holidays that will suit all tastes and all budgets. Some are more fashionable than others and sometimes these resorts are as famous for their après-ski activities as for the skiing itself.
There are certain essentials that must be included on any ski holiday. If you are going for the first time and aren’t sure whether you need to get the whole wardrobe, try to invest in a proper ski suit. This will keep you warm and prevent any potential frostbite.
If on your return the suit is no longer needed, you can always sell it to recoup some cash.
Ski boots and skis can be very expensive and the top resorts will all offer a rental service. It’s imperative to ensure that the boots fit correctly as these will offer your ankles the required support when you are just starting out.
Take a warm hat (it doesn’t have to be too over the top but it should protect the ears) in a bright colour so that you’re easy to spot on the slopes. Gloves are also essential but make sure that they don’t hamper the dexterity of your hands.
Whilst it may seem an odd essential, sunscreen is something you must take with you. The winter sun can be deceptively strong and no one wants an unglamorous peeling nose at the end of their winter break.
A ski holiday is as much about the nightlife as the daytime fun on the ski slope so pack some smart wear or at least a couple of chic jumpers for all that late-night activity.
 Of course, how much fun you have is as much about where you go as anything else – so make sure you choose your destination carefully. Here are a couple of great options for those who want to combine