The delights of India
The delights of India

India is gem of a country, spectacularly beautiful and naturally gifted with numerous landmarks, all encompassed within a diverse yet distinct culture. Millions of people visit India every year, with many of them setting out to learn more about the people, their way of life, the wonderful cuisine and to simply experience the huge society as an outsider. The country is very popular with travelling students too, and for the best deals on airfares most go to this page to book their flights. If you’ve never been to India before however, then there are a number of things you’ll want to note, namely in terms of safety.
Carry a Money Pouch
Just like any other country, India has its criminals, and if its your first time visiting the country, trust us when we say that you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. From your cash to your camera, thieves are looking for anything they can run with in a moments notice, so always have your wits about you when walking the streets. Don’t bring out electrical equipment like mobile phones or cameras unless it’s absolutely necessary, and if you do then make sure you conceal them in zipped pockets.
Carrying a money pouch is a great way to help you keep your money hidden, and although they can be uncomfortable and inconvenient (especially when it is hot), you’ll be able to keep larger amounts of money on your person, saving you a trip back to the hotel every time you need more Rupees. Bear in mind that the UK and US exchange rates for Indian Rupees is very good, so there’s no need to change up anything more than £20 or $20 for a day.
Travellers Checks
Another way to protect your money is to carry travellers checks, and many people that have travelled India before swear by these. Although its rare that you’ll find a ATM machine out of order in India’s major cities, travellers checks are a great backup, and can be cancelled at any time if they get lost or stolen. Although the infrastructure in India is getting better, there are frequent power outages, which means no digital banking most of the time, and this is where travellers cheques come in handy.
Cable Locks
If you’re backpacking across India, then you’re going to be taking lots of trains and buses. A cable lock, just like the ones used to secure bicycles, is a great investment and will allow you to secure your bag to chairs, beds, and other places where you might want to get your head down during the journey. From overnight trains to sleeping in hostels, cable locks might be the difference between you keeping your valuables safe and having them taken.
Avoid Big Crowds
Keeping safe in India isn’t that difficult, but by entering big crowds you’ll increase your chances of getting pickpocketed. Either leave your valuables in your hotel, carrying only a small amount of cash you can keep in your front pockets, or avoid the big masses of people altogether!