Look at most groups of ladies on a hen party and you’ll see L-Plates strapped to a cheap veil and a bride-to-be that’s perhaps a little worse for wear. But times have changed in recent years and not all women want to spend their last nights of freedom on the town with nothing but a nasty hangover to look forward to in the morning. The age of the adventurous hen is upon us and now ladies are looking further afield for something a bit different and something to remember. With growing popularity of ski resorts for girls wanting to enjoy an active hen party, what could be better than spending time on top of the mountain with your favourite girlfriends? Here are just a few ideas if this sounds like your kind of girly getaway.
Luxury Ski and Spa

Alpe Di Siusi
Alpe Di Siusi

While a luxurious spa may conjure up images of relaxation, pampering and lazy days in hot tubs and on loungers, it’s a far cry from the adrenaline rush and active lifestyle of a ski fan. But, combine the two and you’re onto a real winner for a hen party destination. Resorts such as The Alpina Dolomites are the perfect example of how a ski spa can be a great choice for women wanting the best of both worlds – pampering and powder. Nestled in the Alpe Di Siusi, this resort offers spectacular views over the dolomites and with others dotted across the world’s leading ski and snowboarding resorts, wherever you go you can enjoy a bit of luxury as well as lively days on the slopes.
Learn as you lodge
If a back-to-basics approach is more your style, you can get some great group deals that include plenty of extras. Ski lodges are perfect for this as they often include meals, ski instruction and hire of top quality ski clothing and equipment as well as your accommodation. The Alta Lodge in Utah, US, is a great choice and holds special dates throughout the year where women can enjoy an exclusive camp that’ll help them improve their skills and have some fun along the way. Ski lodges from the US to resorts closer to home are a brilliant option for fun loving hens.
Après Ski Party time
For a lot of ladies, it’s all about the nightlife when all of the girls are in a group together, but finding a resort that provides excellent ski runs, brilliant hotel service and great après ski can be a bit of a chore. Lots of resorts can offer the best skiing you’ll get but when the sun goes down it all gets a bit quiet – no good for hens that are just warming up. Expensive resorts such as Verbier do go the extra mile for après ski activities but you don’t need to go crazy on the plastic in order to enjoy yourself, Ischgl in Austria is regarded as one of the best resorts for great nightlife with plentiful bars and restaurants as well as excellent ski facilities – providing a bit of everything that an extreme hen wants.