While the hazy days of summer are still fresh in our minds and autumn is only just beginning to take hold, the chances are that Christmas, and your plans for making it the best one yet, are very firmly on your mind. Food shopping, present purchasing, and preparations for family visits may well be on the top of your agenda, but now is also the time to start thinking about the magical Christmas events that you and your family would like to attend; after all, there are now less than 100 sleeps to go until the big day itself. Researching, choosing, and experiencing the UK’s most magical Christmas events is one of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit early. Family time is so, so precious these days, and such events are a great excuse to spend time together, bonding over your favourite festive memories – and, of course, making new ones. Additionally, having a special Christmas trip booked is a fantastic way of overcoming the hard work that the season brings with it. For a day, shopping lists are forgotten and plans are on hold; it’s time to be inspired by Christmas.

Destination entertainment

Christmas events are rife at the UK’s top leisure and tourism destinations. The Warner Brothers Studio Tour, which features the Making of Harry Potter, for example, is renowned for its magical Christmas events, attention to detail, and its sprinkling of enchantment over an already spectacular experience. This year’s events are already available to book, and look more incredible than ever. With numerous packages available for Christmas parties and special occasions, it might be time to get those plans together. Theme parks are similarly renowned for their Christmas wonderlands, including Drayton Manor’s Thomas Land and Alton Towers’ festive magic, while historic houses and their grottos are hard to beat. Go on, take a peek and prepare to be blown away.

Christmas Time
Christmas Time

Christmas markets

One of the most popular ways to get into the Christmas spirit these days is with a trip to a Christmas Market. Nothing will ignite the warmth of the festive period like browsing craft and food stalls, taking in the rich smells of Christmas, and huddling together with mulled wine or hot chocolate as carols and Christmas songs play. The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham is an incredible experience for the whole family, with quirky gifts, traditional toys, and delicious treats on offer, while Victorian Christmas Markets, like those held at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, Gloucester Quays, and within Warwick city centre, are a great way to imagine what Christmas must have been like all those years ago. Wherever you live there’s a real possibility that there will be a Christmas market taking place somewhere nearby, so it pays to do your research – don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Christmas.

Winter Wonderlands

While the phrase ‘winter wonderland’ may strike apprehension into your heart, owing to the number of events that crop up, and fail, every year, there ARE some incredible, magical events that are well known and highly regarded. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, for example, is an absolute treat for the whole family, while numerous local facilities will cater for all children, young and old, with an array of experiences. Simply look out for winter wonderland posters in your local area, and be prepared for a festive treat. Whether you want to meet reindeer, sample good food, or simply say hello to Santa, visiting a winter wonderland with your family can be an amazing way to see Christmas, and events such as this cater to the whole family – nobody is left out of Santa’s magic.
Perhaps the most wonderful thing about specialist Christmas events is that it doesn’t matter where you’re going, how much it costs, or how long the experience lasts; the chances are the enchantment of the festive season will stay with you long after the event has finished. You see, the magic of Christmas is inside us all, and can be inspired with very little effort – you just have to know how to release your inner child, and embrace the most wonderful time of the year.