You’re a student. You probably live in Manchester Metropolitan University accommodation (good choice) and all you need now is an amazing playlist that pays homage to the great city you live in. As you probably know, Manchester is the birthplace of some truly influential bands, both old and new. Below you’ll find four bands that every Manchester student should have on their iPod!


1. Oasis
They don’t need an introduction; everyone knows who Oasis are and everyone knows they’re from Manchester. Some people love Oasis and some people hate Oasis. Either way, you have to hand it to them. They are (or should we say were) exceptionally talented. Their attitude, voices and command of the guitar makes them like no other. Listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll Star to get you in the mood for a night out, or the lesser known She is Love for the romantics out there.
2. The Courteeners
If you’ve not listened to The Courteeners yet – shame on you. They’re from Middleton, Greater Manchester and have been around for a few years, having released four albums to date. The lead singer and songwriter Liam Fray studied creative writing at Salford University and you can see this reflected in the way he writes his songs. Definitely start with the first album St. Jude and listen to stand out tracks Not Nineteen Forever and Cavorting.
3. Blossoms
Slowly becoming more well known, Blossoms are definitely worth seeing before they make the big time. Described by NME as “a lighter take on psychedelia, one that’s steeped in classic British pop songwriting”, Blossoms are certainly doing their own thing. Don’t let NME’s fancy words put you off though, listen to their new single ‘Charlemagne’ and tell us you’re not hooked. Look out for them at the Albert Hall in Manchester on 27th February next year. At £13 a ticket, it’s almost stealing.
4. The Smiths
Depressing? Yes. A bit odd? Definitely. Genius? You decide. There are many worldwide devotees to the The Smiths, and considering the talents of lead singer Morrissey and guitarist Jonny Marr, you can’t blame them. Unlike the other bands mentioned in this article, you have to be in the right mood for The Smiths. A unique blend of spine tingling riffs and articulate lyrics are what make The Smiths something that can never be replicated. Listen to This Charming Man for your first taste of this iconic band.
The list of Manchester bands you need to know to could go on forever, but these four are the perfect start to your musical education.