One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Italy is… FOOD. Who doesn’t love the simplicity and iconic flavours of Italian food? When you are walking through the streets of Bangkok, Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, or Mexico City, the likelihood of finding a place serving some type of Italian restaurant is strong. Whilst Italian restaurants are everywhere, the best and most authentic Italian food will only be found in Italy!

Italian Countryside
Italian cuisine, synonymous with the freshest ingrediants, served with delicious wines…

So as you sit back and enjoy an Italian holiday with Elegant Resorts, there’s no way that you miss out on the chance to sample the very best of Italian gastronomic fayre. Pizza and pasta are almost too obvious in terms of choice, given their worldwide appeal but whilst gallivanting through Italian cities such as Verona, Milan, Rome, Turin etc, you’ll find a huge amount of local delicacies and Italian specials that you can stuff your face with!
A popular dish all over the country, but especially in Venice. It’s often served as a primo. It’s a rice dish cooked in a broth, but it’s far from a soup, it’s a creamy dish that can have a number of things added to it. Butter (never cream), parmesan cheese, and onion are the basis of the dish Throw in some veggies or meat to make it more vibrant and delicious. Risotto ai funghi is with mushrooms, risotto al tartufo bianco is with black truffle, and risotto ai frutti di mare is with seafood. Just to name a few of the ,
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