4 Great Ways to Pass the Time in Jamaica, NY
Jamaica is a decidedly middle class neighbourhood in Queens, New York. It has very little in common with its namesake, the island some 1,600 miles away, but there are many reasons to get to know this area. Some of the world’s most famous people once called Jamaica home including Donald Trump, Nicki Minaj, and Metallica. But for many people, the main attraction is probably JFK International Airport.
Whether you are going to be on a stopover at the airport or you simply want to explore an interesting new area, Jamaica in Queens has plenty to offer.

Baisley Pond Park

Image via Flickr by Rich Mitchell
Boasting wide open spaces as well as shady alcoves and plenty of plant and animal life, the Baisley Pond Park offers the opportunity to relax, indulge in some sporting activities, or get lost in a journey of discovery. It is located just a few blocks from the airport and is conveniently situated near hotels such as the Sleep Inn JFK Airport Rockaway Blvd, found at Hipmunk.com.
You can take the family for a peaceful picnic in one of the alcoves dotted around the park, or head over to the fields to play basketball, tennis, or cricket. Alternatively, you could just sit and become mesmerised at the expansive pond.

Resorts World Casino

This casino might be a world away from the glitzy showpieces of Las Vegas but if you are looking for a little fun in Jamaica this place has it in abundance: Food, live entertainment and of course the opportunity to win lots of cash.
A free shuttle service is available every 20 minutes from ,
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