Where are you planning to go for your next beach vacation? If you haven’t visited Myrtle Beach, it’s a destination that should be high up on your list. Vacationers travel from across the country to visit this popular stretch of East Coast shoreline, and as a result, the area has tons of fantastic attractions, delectable eats, and exciting adventures. The Travel Channel ranks it #2 among the top beaches of the US – the top beach in the continental US.

Myrtle Beach USA
Myrtle Beach voted 2nd best in the US

But like any destination, not all the attractions are winners; quantity doesn’t always mean quality. It takes careful consideration and research to pick out the best spots to hit, and it’s hard to know what you’ll like the most if it’s your first trip to the area.
Thankfully, one strategy for picking attractions is almost totally foolproof: go where the repeat visitors and locals go. Using the experiences and opinions of others, you can get a lot of insight on what’s worth visiting and what’s better off skipped.
That’s why we went to the source. Locals and repeat visitors alike have graciously volunteered info on their favorite spots through online reviews and word-of-mouth to give us insight on the best attractions that Myrtle Beach has to offer.
You can see the results of their feedback in the graphic below. With a little inside info and some thoughtful planning, you can turn your first Myrtle Beach vacation into the trip of a lifetime. Check out these great attractions and have a blast on your trip!
Myrtle Beach Vacation Guide
Graphic and map for Myrtle Beach created by Captain’s Quarters