moving abroadThere a are a plethora of reasons why you might want to move abroad and start a new life, but once you’ve made the decision, it’s time to put the transition in motion; something that take lots of planning and even more patience.

Moving abroad isn’t like moving across country; you are packing up your life and starting it somewhere completely new. To keep you motivated, just keep thinking that the more you are prepared and ready for the move, the easier it will be at the other end.
First things first
Entering another country just for a holiday requires a few forms and legal documents, so just think what you’ll need when you’re moving abroad permanently. Every country is slightly different to the other in this regards, so make sure you’ve checked thoroughly through what exactly it is that you need to make the move entirely legal.
Contacting embassies of your own respective country and future destination will ensure that everything is in order for when you move and they will let you know precisely what you need and when you can do it. Your own personal documents are also important; so bringing items such as birth certificates, dental records, insurance papers and financial documents are imperative.
What’s happening with your house?
Many people use their house for a supply of funding for moving abroad, and the options of either selling up or renting it out while you’re away are completely up to your preferences. Selling means you have a lump sum (if you fully own your property), whilst renting means you have a steady amount of income whilst you’re abroad.
If you’re looking to keep hold of some of the bigger items currently in your home, but have nowhere to put them as of yet, consider using a self-storage unit from a company such as Spaces & Places. This will ensure that your larger valuables are kept safe in case you ever return or eventually want to bring them over to your new home.
Children and pets
If you are a young family moving for job reasons, it is likely that you will be relocating with kids and it is important that they know exactly what the process entails. Inform them about the change in lifestyle and culture, as well as elements such as their new school and that they will need to make new friends.
Pets can be a difficult part of the transition in that they will almost certainly have to go into quarantine for a certain period, so you’ll have to prepare (and perhaps budget) for that too. Vaccinations are also imperative, so ensure you’re up to speed on which ones are required.