Spectacular railway scenery
Spectacular railway scenery

If you’d like to enjoy exceptional scenery from the comfort of your seat with a drink in your hand, a rail and cruise holiday is most certainly for you. To help you plan, we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about rail cruises.
1. What is a rail and cruise holiday?
A rail and cruise holiday combines train travel with cruise boats, so holidaymakers can leave their cars at home and enjoy being passengers on a spectacular journey.
Many of the world’s best journeys can only be made by rail or boat; the serene River Seine, the magnificent Rhine and the Norwegian fjords, for example, can only be properly experienced by sailing on them, while the trains rocket through unspoilt scenery to reach the embarkation points.
2. Where does my holiday start?
 The departure point for many European rail cruises is London St Pancras International, from which point passengers can board the Eurostar for Paris. Most intercontinental rail cruises, meanwhile, depart from Gatwick or Heathrow airports.  Details are provided in each individual itinerary.
 3. How flexible are the itineraries?
 Great Rail Journeys provide lots of flexibility within their itineraries, so passengers can choose whether to opt in or out of each activity, excursion or meal. Customers are free to wander independently at each destination or stay at the hotel if they do not wish to take part in an organised activity.
A tour manager is available to help with any questions, ensuring that customers do and see the things that interest them on their holiday.
4. What is the accommodation usually like?
 The accommodation on board the cruise boats and trains of a rail and cruise holiday is in