Traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your gap year. It’s all about learning about new cultures, experiencing new food and new people, and discovering yourself. There is perhaps nothing more rewarding on this planet than visiting new places if travel is your idea of a good time. Spending a year away from your studies, getting a job in a foreign country, and surviving in another environment is a great way to prepare you for life.
aurora-borealis scandinavia
When people talk about traveling throughout their gap year, some of the common locations that seem to pop up are largely predictable. You hear the same names listed over and over again. Australia. North America. Mainland Europe. Isn’t the whole point, though, to try and experience cultures that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to?
Many people regularly travel to places like Spain, France, and Canada. Why not try something different during your own gap year? Scandinavia is a territory that is often overlooked but is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world. Comprised of three different countries – Denmark, Norway, and Sweden – you can ,
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