If you are a fan of food, there are certain countries that you have to visit. For example, no self-respecting foodie can label themselves a foodie without tasting the food on offer in France. Italy and Spain are two other countries you have to experience if you are a food lover. If you are a seafood lover, the same principle applies. Throughout the world, there are seafood havens that don’t compare to anywhere else due to their freshness and their love of the cuisine. For all the seafood enthusiasts, below you will find the places you need to stop off as soon as possible.

seafood for travellers around the world

Tom O’Malley




Monterey, California


America is not normally synonymous with seafood because American cuisine is more about hot dogs and hoagies. But, there are places in the US that take seafood seriously, and California is one of those places. Among the many diamonds in the rough, Monterey is the jewel in the crown because it offers the best seafood in the state. It is that simple! For the best seafood in Monterey, and some of the best in the world, just follow the link. There are far too many eateries to mention in one post, so a guide is your best option.


Varkala, India


Located in the state of Kerala, in the very south of India, Varkala is an unknown quantity. Only the tourists that have managed to get that far south are familiar with the seafood treats that this small Indian town has in abundance. From marlin, tuna and snapper to lobsters and king prawns, the restaurants along the cliff have everything a seafood lover needs. And, to make the experience extra special, they also have breathtaking views that look out to sea. If you do manage to visit Varkala, make sure you try the tandoori tuna. It sounds weird, but it is special!


Tokyo, Japan


Seafood doesn’t come much better than sushi. And, when it comes to sushi, Tokyo is the only place to experience the cuisine firsthand. Even eating sushi from a street cart on the sidewalk is amazing, but Sukiyabashi Jiro is the king. Sukiyabashi is the restaurant that President Obama ate at while in Japan, and it is also a three-star Michelin establishment. It might be hard to get a booking, but if you do you should grab it with both hands.


Panama City, Panama


If you are looking for a cheaper option, look no further than Panama City. Panama City is home to one of the biggest and most abundant fish markets in the world. And, the variety is a sight for sore eyes. Plus, there are numerous restaurants that line the streets that offer great food at affordable prices. You can even buy food from the market and ask them to cook it for you, which is a fantastic experience. All in all, dishes can be as cheap as $1. Now, that is a bargain!


If you think you are a seafood connoisseur, you have to take a trip to one, or all, of these places in your lifetime. You will not regret your choice!