Morocco is one of the most favorable short haul destinations outside Europe that enjoys pleasant weather all year round, is rich in culture, boasts ancient cities to explore hand in hand and is home to miles upon miles of excellent sandy beaches dotted with luxury resorts ideal for destination weddings.
Most people plan to have weddings in bustling Marrakech city in luxury riads, ancient palaces and Kasbahs but they sometimes forget the beaches, where one can wed under the sun with palm trees swaying to the rhythm of traditional dancers and the blue waters stretching deep into the Atlantic ocean as a spectacular background.
Essaouira is a fine beach wedding destination with its pretty harbor, fishing villages and luxurious resorts. For couples who love water sports after the wedding this can also serve as a wedding and honeymoon destination.
Agadir on the other hand is less windy compared to Essaouira; it has charming hotels, sandy beaches and quiet fishing villages. It has a laid back lifestyle that creates a relaxed atmosphere ideal for romance.
Moroccan Food for Wedding
You can enjoy a beach wedding here and include the spicy Moroccan cuisine in your menu for a cultural touch in your wedding.
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Kenya has been a classic safari destination for ages, it boasts of enormous national parks packed with spectacular wildlife and stunning landscapes. It offers couples innumerable wonderful locations for safari destination weddings that you can find nowhere else in the world.
safari and wedding combination
Weddings in a jungle, deep in the wilderness with animals roaming in a distance is more than memorable and creates a wedding with a difference. You will be spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect backdrop for your safari wedding backdrop; wilderness luxury camps, river or lake side, remote safari lodges or even snowcapped mountain as a backdrop.
There are many private game ranches and safari lodges that provide secluded safari wedding venues for the couple and the guests.
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Italy is a great destination for weddings; it has all the excellent locations that would add romance and glamour to a wedding. There are elegant villas in Italy that can host weddings and are located in pristine locations and offer exclusive views and spacious grounds. Wedding in an ancient Italian villa gives you a taste of traditional Italian experience whilst creating remarkable memories of one of the most important day in your entire life.
italian villa
There are numerous regions in Italy where you can decide to host a wedding, whether you want a traditional villa in the picturesque Tuscany, Amalfi coast with its pleasant Mediterranean views or even the Lake District with its panoramic vistas and glassy lakes.
Villa weddings in Italy are absolutely romantic and breathtaking, some of the villas are age old with sophisticated d├ęcor and immersed in historical areas that capture the essence of Italian history. Tuscany is ideal for couples seeking romance, charm and spectacular backdrops of medieval towns, pretty villages and rolling hills with glorious vineyards, poppies and sunflower.