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Barcelona – Surviving the Mighty La Ramblas

What to expect in Barcelona’s busiest and noisiest strip! Las Ramblas – The Central Strip La Ramblas of Barcelona –  the long street that flows right through the middle of the city, is one of Barcelona’s most prominent sights. Due to its vibrant atmosphere, it is considered a must see attraction for any visitor to the city. …

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Top 5 Things to Do in Barcelona

Top Five Things to See and Do in Barcelona Full to the brim with things to see and do, it is unsurprising that Barcelona has retained its status as a popular holiday destination for so many years now. However, with such a selection of sights to see, it is often difficult to know where to …

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Travelling Spain on a Budget

Spain is a very popular holiday destination for every type of person, from the young single traveller, to the parents travelling with kids, right up to the elderly tourist looking for somewhere to relax. And it’s not difficult to see why all these people enjoy the country – it has something to offer for everybody. …