Five Places You Must Visit in 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
With this year’s Rio carnival expected to be the biggest yet and the city gearing up to host the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, this year may be the perfect time to visit […]

Leishmaniasis From Ilha Grande, Brazil – My Experience

My wife and I had been travelling for a total of 2 years in some pretty remote places which included the Amazon Rainforest, jungle of Borneo, Outback Australia and “off the tourist route” parts of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina.  We […]

The Paraguyan Border Jigsaw – Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil

When backpackers draw up a list of ‘must sees’ on their South American trip there’s a good chance Paraguay isn’t on it. I’ll be honest it wasn’t on mine. But it felt rude not to take a squizz at the […]