Volunteering with Animals on a Gap Year

What about Volunteer with animals during your gap year?

Volunteering with animals during a year out will be a great experience if you are an animal lover, or thinking about working with animals once you graduate from university. It will also […]

Your Guide To A Safer, More Comfortable Camping Trip

Getting out there in the wilderness and setting up for two or three nights is the kind of break everyone needs to experience. At least once. You get closer to nature, which can be very therapeutic. You also discover more […]

Travel Inspiration – Eric Giuliani

Well done Eric Giuliani for making the globocation hall of fame! Quite a nice video and some simple truths about travel. You can read more Guiliani-isms on his blog TravelTall.com

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10 Ways To Stay Cool In The Hottest Countries 

Staying Cool In The Heat
Travelling should be fun, but when you are confronted with extremes heats things can become tedious really quickly. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your cool.

For many of us, a trip abroad means one […]

Gap Year Travel for Graduates – boost your career

It’s that time of year again. University students all over the country are about to face their biggest wake up call to date. As the end of term approaches the realisation will set in that mornings do exist, daytime television […]

Starting Salaries & Enhancing Careers with a Gap Year

What starting salary should you expect after graduating?

Finishing your degree is a milestone event and, with your studies behind you, you can start looking forward to the world of work. One of the main questions on your mind as you […]

Has the ‘Gap Year’ Become a Cliche?

The Gap Year has become such a common step in the journey from school pupil to adult it is hard to believe it is still a fairly recent phenomenon.

For employers scanning CVs, the occurrence of the gap year experience appearing […]

Things to check before you go backpacking

Expert advice from the official FCO website:
Before you go:

check our travel advice pages for the country you are visiting.  Sign up for email alerts and you’ll get the latest updates for that country
find out where the nearest embassy will be […]