A Short Break Stateside

A vacation is the perfect way to relax and unwind, especially for those that have been working long and hard. Yet not everyone finds the time to set aside for a long vacation, which is why many opt to make the most of the short time they have off by enjoying a long weekend out of town.

There is a ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to US cities worth checking out for a weekend getaway. Many different factors will tend to influence your decision, from your budget to your location in the country, but with such a wide variety of locations worth visiting throughout the country you can be certain there will be somewhere that can meet your demands.

Here is just a few of the many US cities worth visiting for a long weekend:


Seattle is the perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy some truly breath-taking landscapes and sights of natural beauty whilst still enjoying the comforts and attractions a city provides.

The food and drink scene in Seattle carries quite the reputation. Countless coffee shops can be found throughout the city and offer some of the best coffee you will taste in the country.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a thriving market where you can find vendors selling all manner of trinkets, fresh produce, flowers, and entertainers – it is entirely free to visit and has such an abundance of attractions over two levels that you spend the entire day exploring!

Other great attractions include the iconic Space Needle, or you could wander the streets of the city and enjoy the various artists and street-performers which make up the thriving arts scene. There are many museums and a science centre worth checking out too.

New York City

New York City has so many different attractions that you could spend countless weekends there and still barely scratch the surface! Getting to New York couldn’t be easier either, with access possible via plane, automobile and train, making it easy to travel to the city on a budget.

You can spend ample time both indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy a visit to New York at any time of the year – although it can certainly get cooler in winter! Visiting during the warmer months definitely makes attractions such as Central Park a must-see.

Fifth Avenue, New York

Fifth Avenue, New York

With many museums, famous landmarks and tourists attractions, and locations that provide great shopping experiences, there isn’t much that New York doesn’t have to offer. Whether you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, explore the incredible exhibitions of the American Museum of Natural History, or just hit the shops of Fifth Avenue, New York has it all.

What’s better is the fact that the large city has so much option when it comes to accommodation, eating out and finding entertainment, that a long weekend here can be enjoyed on almost every type of budget.

Miami Beach

Sometimes all you want to do with your long weekend away is to sit back in soak in the sunshine on the beach – if this sounds like your ideal weekend getaway, then Miami Beach is certainly worth a visit.

It offers all the comforts of a beach vacation without having to fly overseas and as a major tourist hotspot, there is a fine selection of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, not to mention the all-important beaches.

South Beach is the most famous beach found in the city and certainly amongst the most visited in the entire country, and is home to a stretch of amazing cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs that make it a worthwhile location both during the day and later a night.

South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami

North Miami Beach is perfect for those travelling with kids as it carries a more family-friendly reputation, and the hotels and restaurants in this area are notably cheaper when compared to other sections of the city, so there are suitable locations throughout the city!

Las Vegas

Even if you are not into gambling and spending a whole night in a casino does not seem like your idea of a long weekend, you will certainly find lots of things to do in Vegas.

Las Vegas - The Strip

Las Vegas – The Strip

The opportunities for outdoors adventures are numerous. There are plenty of cool attractions and quirky museums in the city, not to mention the shows. Of course the nightlife here is something to behold, with the city very much coming to life during the later hours of the day!