This is a guest post written by travel blogger Joe Johnson, Globocation would like to point out that these are Joe’s views and not those of the Globocation team.

A Lion Yawning
Here’s a lion yawning, may be he’s visited these shortlisted countries?

How many lists of ‘great’ countries to visit have you seen in your lifetime in weekend Newspaper supplements or blog posts? Probably way too many to remember, and the gushing reports on ‘England’s rolling meadows’ or Thailand’s ‘beautiful beaches’ reached a painful level of tedium some time ago. How about something a little different then?
We all know the countries we should be visiting, and the cinched gap year fodder, but where should you avoid? Many of the countries that make this list are in fact, incredibly dull.
Here are some of the dullest** nations on Earth…
Odd that one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations is also one of the world’s most boring, but the high levels of immigration to Canada perhaps tell us why it’s so dull as a holiday destination; safe, clean affordable – it all sounds good but technically perfect cities like Vancouver (often voted best place in the world to live) lack that spark that makes them truly great. Add in the vast distances between towns cities as well  the long, freezing winters that essentially paralyze the country and you have one big yawn-fest…
Canada - dull country?
It must get boring doing this every morning right?

They say people make a place, and for that reason It seems unfair to include such a sparsely populated (read; desolate) country on this list, but Greenland, while unspoiled, is wholly underwhelming. There is very little to visit the country for, save some traditional intuit communities perched on the coastline of what is essentially an oversized iceberg.
Greenland - Boring but beautiful?
Boring but beautiful?

The fleeting summer months are plagued by Nordic mosquitoes and the winters bitter and drawn out. The restaurants serve great Whale blubber, though.
Qatar is a Persian Gulf state that has experienced huge economic growth over the past few decades due to its huge oil and gas reserves, coupled with a relatively small population. Like the UAE, massive growth has seen the capital, Doha become a business hub and investment has come to the country through foreign means. Problem is, it’s all a bit soulless, which is all the more worrying when you consider the country will be hosting the 2022 FIFA football world cup.
image from - Doha, Qatar
Souless yet modern, Doha, Qatar

Much like Canada, Sweden is a spotless, safe, forward thinking nation…
Can of Elk Meat, Sweden
Can of Elk Meat, Sweden

That’s dark for half of the year. Sweden’s high latitude means that its winter evenings are even bleaker than the UK’s, in fact parts of the country can be dark almost all day in the depths of winter. Then there’s the snow, so much snow. Swedish cuisine has never set the world alight, with staple diet of smelly, raw fish and elk meat, while their idea of fun consists of sitting in a sweltering log cabin before plunging head first into a freezing lake. Fun.
Belgium is consistently named as a country that’s famous for, well, not producing any famous people. This unremarkable low country borders cultural hubs; France, The Netherlands and Germany, but it seems none of its neighbour’s vibrancy has rubbed off.  Despite being a food-lovers paradise (Belgium is the birthplace of chocolate, beer and chips), the country has little else to offer in terms of sights aside of the ‘Manneken Pis’, a statue of a child urinating, and Charleroi, voted the world’s ugliest city.
Belgium boring? Taking the piss right?
Belgium boring? Taking the piss right?

Joe is a travel blogger and tries his best to avoid boring locations. He’s looking forward to his Mexico Holidays next year!
**dullest according to Joe Johnson, the travel blogger who wrote this somewhat subjective guest post!