Staying Healthy At Festivals

We’ve all heard the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”, but what happens when the summer finally arrives? Chances are we go to a festival and all of our hard work goes out of the window with a few days of over indulgence. We have put together the ultimate guide to ensure that you stay strong (and healthy!)
Did you know that the body is comprised of 70% water? Yes, you probably did already know that. Then this should drive home the fact that drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, (if not more!) to prevent all the nasties that present themselves with dehydration. Carry a water bottle with you at all times; hot, humid tents mixed with alcohol are a recipe for disaster. To be super prepared, mixing rehydration salts with your water to replenish your body’s salt and sugar levels as you sweat.

Glastonbury Pyramid Stage
The final afternoon at Glastonbury and the Pyramid Stage

DRINK RESPONSIBILY is the ultimate advice that we can give you. We all like to party hard, but apart from putting yourself at risk being intoxicated in a place that you don’t know, with thousands of people you don’t know – alcohol is known to single handedly diminish almost every vitamin and nutrient in the body. Alternating your drinks with water will provide longevity in your partying ways, whilst also being more forgiving to your waistline.
The average festival goer burns over 3,000 calories and walks between 3 and 5 miles a day! With this in mind, keeping your body fuelled is a number 1 priority. Nutritious snacks that aren’t going to perish quickly in the hot and humid tent environment are essential. Cold pressed juices and array of flavours, granola bars, fruit like bananas and apples and nuts are all ideal for replenish you with nutrients after your nights of partying. More often than not you will find organic whole food vendors at festivals, so there will be a choice other than high carb, high salt and high sugar options; but if you feel like you couldn’t stomach a hot meal, meal replacement shakes will give you the energy you need to see you through.
Alcohol depletes your magnesium and potassium levels; these nutrients are responsible for energy production and clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain. By taking these vitamins leading up to, and while you are away, you limit the awful after effects of a heavy night.
Probiotics supplements keep a healthy bacteria culture alive and kicking inside – lessening the chance of an upset stomach while you are enjoying yourself.
The E-Cigarette has risen, bringing an army of ‘vapers’ with it. One of the worst things about festivals has always been the awful smell of cigarette smoke, to combat this E cigarette companies have a vast array of flavours ranging from tobacco, fruit and dessert, meaning as well and staying healthy you will be smelling sweet.
They don’t need an explanation, just heed our words!!

  • Anti Bacterial Gel
  • Tissues
  • Mini First Aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Wipes of every kind – Anti bacterial, baby, scented, personal….bring them all.
  • Tissues
  • Chewing Gum