Campervan holiday in France
Campervan holiday in France

Whether you have young children or older children – the search for the perfect family holiday is a tough one – and it takes some families many years to find the ideal solution to their summertime getaways.
For many families, it’s a matter of finding the right balance between flexibility, budget, space and distance. But luckily we’ve come across one of the best solutions available to you – motorhome holidaying in France!
So what makes a motorhome holiday in France the perfect choice? Here are a few reasons:
1)     The affordability
Whether budget is a priority or not – it’s still great to have an awareness of money and at the end of the day – the more money you can save – the more there is to spend on daily activities and fun days out. Renting a motorhome for the family is much more affordable than a hotel, as you avoid things such as resort fees, hotel tax and all those other unpleasant extras which might be added onto the end of your room charge.
2)     The location
France is the perfect holiday location from the UK – as it’s close enough to avoid things like jet lag – but far enough away to feel like you’re really escaping the normal ‘working life’. France also get much better weather than then UK in the summer – so that makes another great reason to head there!
3)     The experience
Motorhoming around a country (where you choose just one destination or several) is a fantastic way to see everything it has to offer. The whole experience is something special and really has that fun ‘road-trip’ feel that so many people go in search of during their time off. So turn up the music as you drive!
4)     The space
If you love camping – but dislike or struggle with the lack of space – then a motorhome is going to be a great choice for you. Why? Because you have much more space and much more room to move around – than you would in a tent. You’re also much more protected from the weather too (and extra added bonus). In terms of space – remember you’ll have all that outdoor space too!
5)     The people you’ll meet
Stopping in campsites and camping facilities is much more enjoyable than stopping in a hotel. Why? Because it allows you to mix and mingle with other holiday makers just like you. Which means the kids will love it (as they’ll be loads of other children to make friends with) and you’ll love it, as there will be dozens of other parents to share a glass of wine with!