Natural Holidays in Florida

Orlando is known around the globe as the capital of all things Disney and home to sixteen world-class theme parks packed with pulsating rollercoasters, real-life cartoon characters and enough stimuli to feed a child’s imagination until adulthood… but let’s forget about Mickey and the “Theme Park Capital of the World” for a while. Instead, let focus on another of Orlando’s nicknames – “The City Beautiful”. It’s a big title for any urban area but Orlando is genuinely blessed geographically, with an impressive array of natural wonders and geological phenomena.

Mangroves at Sunset KeyWest
Mangroves at Sunset Key West, Florida

Maybe you’ve visited Orlando before, been hurled around Space Mountain a few times and seen enough Universal Film Studio sets to last a lifetime, or perhaps you’re a first-timer. Either way, don’t let the headline attractions fill your holiday schedule, instead plan a bit of time to see the wilder side of Orlando and its spectacular natural surroundings. Try booking with a reputable company such as Florida specialist Holiday Genie and read up on Florida’s non-Disney attractions before you depart.

A Tropical Affair

Orlando has a wonderful climate, with blue skies and warm sun a ,
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