Figuring out what needs to be done before you head off on a trip can be a little daunting. There are so many things to be researched and looked into including your decision upon where to go, what backpack to buy, what to pack, and how much money you may need. Here is a list of the things to think about before going backpacking.

The Most Important Items

Do not go backpacking abroad without your passport, bank and credit cards, visas and driving license. Store these items in secure places as they enable you to move around, cross borders and pay for things. Take some emergency cash along with you.

Backpackers Arrive on Railay Beach, Thailand
Backpackers Arrive on Railay Beach, Thailand

Call Your Banks

Call the respective banks of each card you intend to take while travelling. Let them know you are planning to travel abroad for the next few weeks or months. This saves you from the trouble of your card being blocked for security measures when used in random places.

Plan Your Budget

Find out how much money you will need for your backpacking trip. Include costs like visas, flight tickets, accommodation, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.


Pack as light as you can, because travelling is much easier when you need not carry like a mule. Most people going backpacking do it when they come straight out of higher education. Sometimes they might need to store some of the item they have collected. One good way of storing the unwanted items you won’t need while backpacking is in a storage locker. There are loads of storage companies and sometimes it is hard to find the best deal so using a price comparison site is a great option.

Choose A Good Backpack

Depending on the length and kind of travelling you want to do, choose a bag in the right size and with the right features. If you are going on a long trip, consider investing in a good quality backpack. However, it is highly recommended to travel with a smaller or medium size bag as it gives a lot more flexibility and mobility.
Ben Earwicker | Garrison Photography, Boise, ID
Ben Earwicker | Garrison Photography, Boise, ID

Political Situation

Take a look at the current political situation of your travel destination. You should be aware of what is going on.

Check The Weather

Look into the weather patterns of the country you are travelling to.

Get Your Vaccinations

If you are planning on a trip to tropical destinations or developing countries, you may need vaccinations or malaria medication. Some countries even require proof of yellow fever vaccination. So, check the requirements of your travel destination.

Travel Insurance

The most important thing to think about before going backpacking is travel insurance. Some travel insurance policies are specifically made for backpackers, and they offer more flexibility and more coverage for adventure activities and sports.


Make sure you get the right visa as it is possible to get a visa-on-arrival in some countries, but others may require you to get a visa in advance at the appropriate embassy.

Get The Right Adapter

The electric sockets are not the same in all countries. So, pack a universal plug adapter, which helps you to plug your electronic devices anywhere.

Secure Your Valuables

As a backpacker you are obviously an attractive target for thieves. Keep your belongings secure with a money pouch, padlock for security lockers, belt pouch or secret underwear compartment.

Choose A Mobile Phone

You can either use your phone to roam with your home cell service provider or buy SIM cards to use in any country.

Research The Local Customs And Language

Knowing about the local customs and learning some useful phrases in the local language will make your trip go smoother.

Get A Travel Diary

If your trip is going to be long, you are bound to forget the details. Taking down some basic notes will help you remember things.  After you have checked out the things to think about before going backpacking, you can relax until you get on the plane and go off on your trip.