Amazing castles, stunning scenery and excellent local vineyards are just a few of the attractions you can enjoy as you cruise down one of Europe’s greatest rivers. From the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine passes through some of the best scenery in Europe as it travels through Germany and the Low Countries.
Rhine Photo
If you’d like to experience the beautiful landscapes and lovely culture of the Rhine Valley up close, Rhine cruises are an excellent choice. Board a classic river ship and cruise along one of Europe’s most impressive rivers, soaking in lovely small towns and thrilling cities along the way.
As you settle in and enjoy your journey down the Rhine, make sure you make the most of these five must-see local attractions.
1.     Cologne Cathedral
Germany’s most visited landmark isn’t found in Munich or Berlin, but in the lovely city of Cologne. Built in the 19th century after hundreds of years of delays, this vast and impressive cathedral reaches over 157 metres into the city’s skyline.
Its immense size and stunning architecture have made Cologne Cathedral one of the most impressive churches in Europe. Every year, the church receives 20,000 visitors seeking photographs, tours and religious experiences.
2.     Rheinfels Castle
For over 500 years, Rheinfels Castle was the Rhineland’s most amazing castle. Built in 1245 by Count Diether V of Katzenelnbogen, the castle was damaged by invading forces from Revolutionary France in the late 18th century.
Today, it’s one of the Rhine Valley’s most popular castle ruins, boasting an incredible view over the river and a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Pack your camera and enjoy the ultimate photography location for visitors to the Rhineland
3.     Lorelei
This incredible rock reaches over 120 metres into the air on a beautiful bend in the Rhine. One of the river’s most well known identifying features, Lorelei is a popular photography spot for locals and tourists on the Rhine alike.
Known for its famous role in German art, Lorelei has entered into a special place in the Rhine’s history. Unlike many other attractions, which need to be enjoyed out of your river cruiser, Lorelei is an attraction that can be viewed from the water
4.     Local Wineries
The Rhine Valley is one of Germany’s 13 famous wine districts, boasting a history of excellent quality wine production. Unlike Germany’s other wine regions, which are known for their white wines, the Rhine is famous for its high quality reds.
Stop for lunch in any of the Rhine Valley’s wonderful cafes or vineyards to sample a wonderful local Riesling, or embark on one of the Rhine’s many vineyard tours for a great taste of local flavours.
5.     Koblenz
At over 2,000 years old, Koblenz is one of the Rhine Valley’s oldest towns. Known as one of Germany’s historical military capitals – the city has been occupied by Roman, French and Prussian forces in its long history – Koblenz is a uniquely international small city.
Known for its wonderful local vineyards, Koblenz is a great day trip destination for people travelling on the Rhine.