Tips for Travelling with Elderly Parents
 Travelling with your parents can be an enjoyable experience, but if they’re elderly then there are a few things you should take into consideration. Elderly people have different needs which, when travelling, means that you might have to make a few key changes and adjustments.
Fortunately, most of these are rather easy to make, as long as you have the knowledge to prepare beforehand. Whether it’s changing your form of travel or making sure your accommodation has the likes of a Stannah home lift installed, these are all simple changes that will make the journey much more enjoyable and comfortable for your parents.
Follow these tips for ways in which travelling with elderly people can be made far more enjoyable and easier for all those concerned.
Travel Options
Regardless of where you’re going, you still need to get there, whether it be a family holiday in France or a road trip to Scotland. Depending on your options, you might want to consider your choice of transportation.
The car is the common option, as it allows you the most flexibility in where you want to go and how you get there. As long as there’s room in your car, then your elderly parents should have plenty of space. With frequent stops to stretch their legs and use the bathrooms, a car can be an enjoyable enough experience.
In terms of public transportation, the train has its advantages. You don’t have to drive and, if you book seats, you can ensure a comfortable ride. Of course, this may take longer than a car, which might cause some problems. Furthermore, changing at stations can prove stressful; the additional walking placing more stress on your parents’ legs.
If you are travelling abroad with your elderly parents then the options do become limited. You will more than likely be travelling by plane, though three are train and ferry options to consider too: if flying really is out of the question.
There are different laws overseas too, so if you are staying in a guest house or B&B, they might not be legally obliged to provide the likes of a home lift. In this case, you should find out as soon as possible so that you can find somewhere that does.
If you’re travelling somewhere, then you often have a pre-set destination. This, just like your house, needs to be suited to the needs of elderly people. The stairs, for instance, could be a problem. Whether you’re staying at a private home or a guest house, there should be some alternative to solve this problem.
A homelift is a common example. Not only does this allow people to move up and down in comfort, it’s large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, helping with any disabled members of your family. This is important because your parents need to be able to enter and leave the accommodation unassisted. Without such facilities, your parents have much less freedom or mobility.
If you are travelling with elderly parents it is also important that you take all the necessary precautions to help improve their mobility. Walking sticks, carry chairs, so that you can stop whenever your elderly parent feels the need, as well a wheelchair should it be required, are all things to consider taking with you when you travel. Also when travelling it is important that you take with you items such as food, drink and suitable clothing are all necessary requirements, along with any medication that your parent may require, too.