We all dream of moving away to far off destinations in search of our ideal lives. Whether that be a better work life balance, better pay or just the chance to give our children a better upbringing. The grass always seems greener on the other side.
But what do the other countries really do better than Britain?

  • Switzerland

The birth place of our favourite flat packed furniture store, Switzerland holds its own in being listed as one the best countries in the world to live.
Switzerland - North Face of the Eiger
And it has nothing to do with the trendy homeware brand, or the fact that per person they eat 10 kilos of chocolate a year.
With one of the most stable economies, Switzerland provides better life quality, wealth and health, even to those living in the remote parts of the country.

  • Canada

Averaging in many parts of the country with 50 inches of snow over a four day period, the Canadians make the Brit snow crisis seem like a lot of talk about nothing.
Rocky Mountains, Canada
Whilst our roads ground to halt after only a few inches, Canada is equipped to keep calm and carry on.
Regarded as a country that has high life satisfaction and wide diversity acceptance, it’s no surprise when they have more doughnut shops per capita than any other country.

  • Denmark

According to the worlds Happiness Report, Demark is the Happiest Country in the World.
Always in the top spot of any list for the best countries to live in, their crime and murder rates are at almost zero.
Copenhagen Harbour, Denmark
And if you like peddling your way to work, the government offer an incentive for your environmentally friendly habit.

  • Australia

It’s not just the weather that makes us Brits want to live in sunnier climates, as even though Australia is home to some of the most deadliest animals in the world, it has been voted as the most popular destination to live.
Australia - Uluru or Ayers Rock
Where else in the world can you see some of the world’s rarest animals and most spectacular natural wonders?

  • Finland

If you’re a fan of water sports then Finland is the place to be.
Over 80% of families have at least one lake and a summer cottage.
A Typical Finnish Lake
As with over 187,888 lakes there’s plenty to go around.
Even if the world runs out of water, the Finns will never have any water issues.

  • Sweden

I don’t think us Brits have ever made a journey to work without a traffic jam, so if you’re road rage is hitting its peak, a relocation to Sweden might be what you need.
Royal Palace in Stockholm
Sweden has such a good public transport system that they have almost zero delays.
Trains and buses cover the entire country from cities to remote locations.

  • Netherlands

A dog friendly nation we are, but not so much can be said for many of our amenities.

Rather than tying the poor animal outside of a shop every time you go to buy your newspaper, just move over to the Netherlands, where the extreme dog friendly country allows dogs inside most shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

  • United Arab Emirates

With no Tax in this country everyone’s a winner, as almost every resident is rich.
Life's a Beach in Dubai
Investing in industries has made this one of the biggest tourist destinations and expat relocations.

  • China

The struggle for a job can be a fraught task, but employability in China is high with job prospects better than here in the UK.
Job prospects galore in Shanghai
With many expats claiming higher pay as a benefit, the lifestyle may be worth considering if you’re looking to boost your wage slip.

  • France

Fewer working hours per week and fancy food, France has a higher rate of productivity than us hardworking Brits.
So with more Michelin star restaurants than we can shake a stick at, maybe it’s all in the good food?
France - Arc de Triomphe If these locations are giving you itchy feet to move overseas, just don’t forget to take into consideration all factors of life.
Although some destinations may seem perfect, there is a lot to learn when you move abroad. Ensure to get as much knowledge as possible about your dream life, and look into the basics such as this guide about moving all your worldly possessions.