Surfing has become one of the most popular sports for travellers these days and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why: it will take you a beautiful spot, allow you to get some adrenalin and it costs far less than something like skiing or snowboarding, it will also keep you in exceptional physical shape, in fact have a look at these exercises to prepare for surfing! For fit people who love the great outdoors who dream of an activity based beach holidays, there is no better sport than surfing.

There are great spots scattered all over the world where you can perfect your skills or learn how to surf – here are 10 of the best.

Watergate Bay Cornwall

Watergate Bay Cornwall

Lagos, Portugal
Lagos within the tourist area of the Algarve is perfect for people who want to learn to surf – there is a wide variety of great waves, and some very nice small ones at low-tide. In particular check out the breaks at Arrifana where you can spend some time getting to grips with the sport. Great breaks at Arrifana Beach in Portugal too.

Watergate Bay, United Kingdom
The UK is not your traditional surfer’s mecca yet it has a very nice spot in Watergate Bay in Cornwall. The waves are good and there are some very professional schools which will provide you with great instruction. If you come here be sure to bring a wetsuit – the UK is hardly a tropical country so it’s best to be prepared for the cold.

Surfing closer to home, stunning Watergate Bay, Cornwall
Hawaii, USA
There is no better place to start off than in Hawaii, where surfing practically borders on a religion. Head here and take in some amazing swells and a true surfer culture – the people here truly live to ride the waves. You can learn to surf everywhere here, but to watch some true pros head to the island of Oahu’s north shore in November or December.

Monster waves in Oahu, Hawaii, home of surfing
Byron Bay, Australia
Byron Bay has good surfing, yet it is by no means amazing. The waves are solid and the surfers are very committed, yet what really appeals is the gorgeous town. You can spend a pleasant evening surfing then spill into the gorgeous streets to eat in hippie cafes and then have a drink in an amazing bar packed with fellow travellers.

Big surf and hippie hangout at Byron Bay Australia
Bali, Indonesia
Bali, a gorgeous Indonesian island, is a great place to go for a cultural holiday. Yet the surfing is one of the true highlights and untold numbers of Australians come here every year to catch some waves. You can learn the craft at the beach resort of Kuta, but experienced surfers should head to the southern edge of the island where there are some truly amazing swells.

Bondi Beach, Australia
Bondi Beach in Sydney is one of the most famous beaches in the world – this vast expanse of sand is a must see for any visitor to Australia. It is also home to some huge waves and you can come here to catch them. You can also try your hand at kite-boarding here – a sport which makes flying a kite cooler than you ever thought possible.

Malibu, California
Malibu is a great place to come and do some surfing and enjoy the laid back California lifestyle at the same time. Yet the real appeal here is the competitions which feature professional surfers. Contests are held all throughout the year, and it is well worth checking one out – there’s nothing quite like watching a master practising their craft on a set of huge waves.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
The Canary Islands are primarily known as great spots for family holidays, yet there are also ideal for surfing. You can find some big waves, yet this island is best suited for beginners. Surf shacks dot the beaches and you can easily rent a board and get some lessons. The best place to start is Generosa but it is well worth checking in with a local shop to see what the conditions are like.

Surf’s up in the Atlantic off the blustery Fuerteventuran Coastline
Surfers Paradise, Australia
Just up the coast from Byron Bay lies the aptly named Surfers Paradise: this city’s name may not be the most creative, yet it is truly a great place to catch some waves. Big swells come in all the time, yet you can find nice places to learn. It is best, however, to avoid the city itself as it has become a bit of a tourist trap.

Costa Rica, Central America
Costa Rica is known primarily as a spot for eco-tourism thanks to its gorgeous rainforests and wildlife. Yet it is also an amazing place to surf with some of the best waves in the world – they come in all year round so you can plan your trip here at any time. Like most places with big waves, it is perhaps best for beginners to leave this one to my experience surfers.