Blackpool has been one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations for generations. The area attracts millions of tourists every year, and there are plenty of things to keep them occupied. People who’ve never visited Blackpool before are in for a real treat. Not only can you enjoy the clean and beautiful beaches, but there are many other attractions. Today, I’m going to spend some time highlighting some of the places you won’t want to overlook the next time you get a free weekend. Everyone should experience the sights and sounds of the North at some point during their lives. So, why not make the effort and travel up there this year?
Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower is the most iconic building in the local skyline. It features on most of the postcards you’ll find in the town, and it’s popular with visitors. For a small fee, you can take an elevator to the top and enjoy scenic views. There’s even a glass floor in one section of the attraction for those with a strong stomach. It’s the perfect place to gain your bearings and plan your routes. There is also a ballroom at the top of the Tower that hosts shows for all the family. Just make sure you check before you travel because tickets are expensive on the door. You’re always better to book in advance if you want to see a particular show.
Blackpool PLeasure BEach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
The Pleasure Beach at Blackpool is unlike most other theme parks in the country. Again, people can make excellent savings if they book their tickets online. It’s a fun park that caters to the entire family. There are Nickelodeon shows available most days for the little ones, and teenagers will love the roller coasters. Visitors can also enjoy top quality food in one of the many on-site restaurants. Families of four or more people can expect group discounts, and it’s a fantastic place to waste a day in the town. Real beaches are just over the road, so you could even take a dip in the sea when you finally emerge from the theme park.
The Blackpool Dungeons
Most readers will have visited a dungeon attraction at some point in the past. There is an excellent one in London and another in Warwick. Those who travel abroad might have even visited one in Amsterdam. However, the dungeon in Blackpool is second to none. Actors will take you on a historical and gruesome tour of the darker side of the town. They’ll show you torture techniques and try their best to upset your stomachs. The attraction isn’t suitable for small children, but young adults will love it. The tour lasts around forty minutes, and the venue is close to all the famous shops and bars. It’s just across the road from the North Pier, and so you can take a stroll out to sea when you’re done.
walk on promenade blackpool
If you’re going to visit Blackpool this spring, make sure you don’t overlook those three attractions. They’re guaranteed to improve your experience and encourage you to come back for more. Many people choose to holiday abroad these days, but Blackpool is still busy during the peak season. So, why not get back to basics and travel north in 2016? The weather is often perfect, and there’s nothing quite like a Lancashire sea breeze.