Who’s Up for A Party?

As 2015 draws to a close there is one thing one every backpacker’s mind, where the hell should I spend NYE? New Years is about all about celebrating the year just passed, surrounding yourself with the people you love, and being in an unforgettable location. Being a backpacker can be a lonely time, but hostels are the best place to find like minded people to spend your with. For those of you looking to spend your festive period in Europe, whether that be alone or in a group, here is the run down of the 5 best cities to countdown the clock in.
fireworks-new years eve europe

  1. London

You’ve got to give it to them, the Brit’s put on one hell of a show. Despite London being notoriously expensive, and a tad boozy, the Thames firework display, centring around The London Eye and Big Ben, is not to be missed. If an indoor event is more your sort of deal, London (with rainy weather as a standard) is the city to head. From the Wolf of Wall Street Party at The Quebe Project, to Viva Warriors with Ibiza god Steve Lawler, there is plenty to tickle any dancefloor lover’s fancy. Pre booking tickets is a must, so check online for the latest deals and reviews of the best clubs to head to.
London- England

2)  Amsterdam

If you’re the more spontaneous backpacker, suited to the street party vibe, Amsterdam is the place for you. Simply wander through the canal lined streets, and follow the music for a free night of fun. With street’s and squared being packed with New Years party animals, and many of the bars hosting their own events a long night of partying is a certainty.

3) Edinburgh

Edinburgh a city of tradition, and a non stop celebrations. Hogmanay, Scotland’s world famous New Year festival spans across three days, hosting a multitude of events from live music to a torchlight procession. With one of the largest fireworks displays in the world, the Scottish welcome in the New Year in style. But the celebrations do not end there, starting with a traditional ‘hangover breakfast’, festivities do not end until the end of 2nd January, a significant delay on the January blues.

4) Vienna

This is one for the foodies. Vienna is famous for it’s NYE trail, taking revellers around the city’s best eateries and drinking holes, for an evening of culinary treats and traditional punch. Vienna’s old city center is transformed into a giant ‘party zone’, with a 12 hour programme of entertainment.

5) Reykjavik

If you want a guaranteed snowy celebration, the capital of Iceland is the place to go. Despite there being no official firework displays organized by the capital, the night is made by its residents who come together to make a city wide show. Local bonfires open their arms to residents and visitors alike-creating a magical community experience. The beautiful city is for those who want to be at one with nature in the beginning of 2016.
iceland reykjavik

So there you have it 5 of the best cities to say farewell to (good or bad) times gone past, and welcome in 2016. Whether you want to view some spectacular fireworks, spend your time in more natural settings, or have a boogie when the clock strikes 12, Europe has plenty to offer.