Top 5 Famous Hotels Used in Movies

Movies are shot all over the world, and hotels often form the backdrop, or even play a starring role, in various scenes from world-famous classics. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in the hotel in which your favourite movie was filmed, this guide to the top 5 famous hotels used in movies shows you how and where.

Degli Orafi Hotel, Florence

Room 414 in this hotel in Florence, Italy, was the location for Merchant-Ivory’s adaptation of the EM Forster classic novel, A Room with a View, and a spectacular view you certainly get.

In the heart of Florence – the Hotel Degli Orafi

The fabulous 13th century Florentine building (originally an Augustine convent) overlooks the River Arno, Ponte Vecchio and the stunning dome of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Fontainebleau Suites, Miami

The magnificent Fontainebleau Suites Hotel was built in the 1950s, just as Miami Beach was entering its Golden Era, and became the resort of choice for iconic stars such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis.

Fancy a dip? The Fontainebleau Suites in Miami have a 6,500sq ft swimming pool

The oceanfront hotel in Miami is so glamorous that it not only played host to the rich and famous but is famous in its own right, featuring in no less than 4 movies! The 6,500 sq ft swimming pool and its 250 cabanas overlooking the ocean was a setting for a scene in Goldfinger and Scarface, and scenes in Dreamgirls and The Bodyguard were also shot in and around the hotel.

The Lancaster London

This hotel in London, previously called The Royal Lancaster, played host to the ‘hiya Charlie’ scene in the 1969 Michael Cain classic, The Italian Job, where Charlie Croker has his coming out of jail do and is presented with a bevy of beautiful girls. These days, a wide range of guests flock to the hotel for its breathtaking views of Hyde Park and the City of London from almost all rooms and restaurants.

Sweeping views of Hyde Park from The Lancaster Hotel in London

The Grand Hotel, Taipei

The traditional palace-style architecture of The Grand Hotel truly lives up to its name and is one of the finest hotels not only in Taiwan but in the whole of East Asia.

The Grand – the best hotel in East Asia?

Boasting 6 restaurants, it is the focal point of Ang Lee’s Oscar-, BAFTA- and Golden Globe-nominated Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, which follows interlinking stories rotating around the hotel’s top chef and his 3 daughters. Just like in the film, you can certainly eat well in this luxury hotel in Taipei!

The Plaza, New York

A New York institution, The Plaza has featured in dozens of movies and TV shows. This luxury New York hotel, located in the bustling metropolis of Manhattan, boasts sweeping views of Central Park and an equally sweeping list of movie credits.

The Plaza, New York hosted Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee and has great views of Central Park

The Oak Room was featured in the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest, Mick Dundee went from outback Australia to luxury New York in one of its suites in Crocodile Dundee, and its interior and exterior also feature heavily in The Way We Were, Home Alone 2, and Bride Wars.