What are the Top 5 cities that people visit and then want to move to?
We have compiled a list of these seductive metro areas from our own experiences and people we know. The common theme is that at vacation’s end the visitor goes home and within a month packs a bag (and maybe the car) and moves to their vacation paradise.  Sound crazy? Maybe. But people do it all the time.
Miami, Florida
Miami is a gateway to Latin culture and a host to many international flavors. Called the “Magic City,” and also the “cruise capital of the world,” thousands of tourists that travel through this city every day.
Most of the people who end up moving here are those that come from a colder climate; they’ll visit, enjoy wearing shorts outside in December, and decide this is the place to spend their remaining days.
Miami is the 42nd largest city in the country and is a warm and sunny paradise for many, but don’t let the late-night festivities cloud your vision or your ability to make good choices; Miami is an expensive playground that most can’t afford.  Auto Insurance rates are some of the highest in the nation, usually double or triple what you would pay compared to Yourtown, USA.
Tampa, Florida
Tampa and St. Petersburg are two vacation hotspots  along Florida’s west coast, of course. If you’re not sure exactly where, figure about a 45-minute drive West of the Orlando area, which is in “central Florida.” So if you’re visiting Disney, you’re less than 1 hour away from Tampa.
Tampa is a haven for outdoor living and water sports and was even honored in Forbes magazine in 2008 as being the 5th best outdoor city in America. Everyday living is a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll.
San Diego, California
San Diego is a beacon for diversity and culture. The melting pot has been getting stirred for some time, and the people here are amazing. If you like Asian influences and a city with charm, San Diego is IT.
On my own trip here for my honeymoon my wife and I felt like this was a cleaner and friendlier New York City – and there’s a lot to be said for that. If I didn’t have roots on the East Coast, I’d live here in a heartbeat.
Los Angeles, California
In terms of population, L.A. is the largest city on the West Coast of the US, and California is the largest state in the US. With all the permanent attractions that a huge metro area provides, and access to the beaches to boot, this has been a popular destination and vacation city since the mid-20th century. You can have people pitching you their latest movie script while getting a cup of coffee from a screenwriter turned Barista!
With Hollywood and all of its trappings nearby, Los Angeles drips with glamour and tourists alike.  This is a tough city to “make it” in, so don’t pack your bags too hastily!
Las Vegas, Nevada
Even the city’s tourist association calls it by its last name: Vegas. What happens there may stay there, but those who visit there sometimes stay as well. It’s a bright spot in the midst of dark desert that surrounds the town. Also known as Sin City, its roots go back to 1911, and today Las Vegas is in the top 30 most populous cities in the US.
Home to gambling, culinary excess, and other sinful activities, this is a very fun city to visit.  I don’t know how many people move here annually, but this place does have a lot going for it.
If you’re planning on moving to any of these Top 5 vacation cities, then plan carefully to make a good move. Be smart and investigate the right way to make your move anywhere you want to go.
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