Teaching English Abroad
Teaching English Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great way to see the world, save some money and do something meaningful all at the same time. Below are the top five locations for teaching English. Each location offers a different benefit package, with some paying for your flights and accommodations.

1. Thailand
Thailand is a great place to teach English. Jobs are available year round in private schools instructing both children and adults. As an English teacher in Thailand, you are responsible for purchasing your tickets to and from Thailand, as well as paying for your housing expenses. Flights to Bangkok or Thailand are available through many major airlines, and can be quite inexpensive if booked a couple of months out. The approximate cost of living in Thailand per month is about £340-495, and the average pay is £500-675 per month.

2. Vietnam
Teaching in Vietnam is incredibly rewarding, professionally and financially. A bachelor’s degree is required, as well as the TEFL/TESL certificate. As a teacher in Vietnam you will be receiving compensation per hour, and receive approximately £9-13 per hour, and usual annual salary is about £13,200. Cost of living in Vietnam is approximately £340 per month. As a teacher you will be guaranteed 25 hours per week, and receive 4 weeks of vacation per year. You will be responsible for finding your own flight to Vietnam for the first year, but after you have a year of experience you will qualify for one round trip ticket each year to visit home.
3. China
An English teacher in China makes a decent living, between £670-1650 a month. The cost of living is low, and most people can live on less than £10 per day. Additionally, furnished housing is provided, as well as the flight to China. A TESL/TEFL certificate is required to teach English, but a bachelor’s degree is not.
4. South Korea
There are several English teaching jobs available in South Korea, at both public and private schools. To teach in South Korea, you need your TEFL/TESL certification and while a bachelor’s degree is not required, it is highly recommended. For teaching English in Korea you will receive housing and roundtrip airfare provided by the school or organization you are working for. Your salary will be between £1,120-1,320 a month and the cost of living will depend greatly on where you are located. Seoul is more expensive but outside of Seoul the cost of living is much cheaper. For one person in Seoul, reasonable living expenses are less than £340 a month.
5. Japan
As a teacher in Japan you can work at a public or private institution as long as you have your TEFL/TESL certificate and bachelor’s degree. Regardless of location, you will make approximately £2000 a month for working full time. Average rent is £340 a month which the teacher is responsible to pay. It is the teacher’s responsibility to pay for their flights to Japan, but the agency can assist with finding cheap tickets. Living expenses in Japan cost about £340-527 per month.
Teaching English is a great way to gain valuable teaching experience, see the world and make money while you are doing it. Search the above options to find the best fit for you and start planning your teaching and traveling adventure.