Top Five Road Trips for Nature Lovers

Top Five Road Trips for Nature Lovers
Europe has an abundance of stunning landscapes that are just waiting to be explored, and once you move out of the cities and off the beaten track, outdoors lovers will be delighted to find an entire smorgasbord of Mother Nature’s delights. So put on your road trip tunes and head out on the highway, ready to explore some of the best locations in Europe for nature lovers.
The Black Forest – Germany
somewhere in the South of Black Forest_2
The Black Forest is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in Southern Germany. The inspiration for many Brother Grimm’s Fairy tales, the Forest is a delight for the senses. Lush wooded slopes, sparkling mountain springs, an abundance of bird life, sweeping patchwork farmland and fresh mountain air makes this quaint destination perfect for immersing yourself in nature. The area covers 160km north to south and 60km east to west making it easy to self-navigate. The best time to go would be spring or autumn, as summer tends to bring in all the tourists.
Nicosia – Paphos through the Troodos Mountains
Mount Olympus
The trip from Nicosia to Paphos through the Troodos Mountain range offers spectacular views and the chance to experience some of the heritage of Cyprus along the way. Your first stop will be Kakopetria, charismatic and quaint. Wind along to Mount Olympus – the highest point in Cyprus, where you will get the most inspiring panoramas. The next point is the village of Troodos and onto Platres. Your last stop will be Osmodos before reaching Paphos. A journey of 4 hours or so, it is best taken during spring, when the heat has subsided, and don’t forget, it is always a good idea to have travel insurance in a foreign country.
Avignon loop going east for 360km
Roussillon - Place Camille Mathieu - trees - panoramic
The 360km loop starting in Avignon, France offers nature lovers some of the most spectacular backdrops in the countryside of Provence. A cultural, historical and scenic feast for the senses and the soul, this is one journey that needs to be taken at leisure, stopping along the way to sample the local fare, browse the markets and immerse yourself in the pure countryside. Go during the seasons of spring and summer, when the weather is glorious and the countryside is alive with colour.
The Scottish Highlands
Scottish Highlands
The perfect road trip to combine your love of whiskey and your love of nature is through the Scottish Highlands. A whirlwind adventure that will take 4 days and 644km, it is one of those epic countryside trips that you mustn’t miss. Leaving Edinburgh, your first stop will be Pitlochry. Then it’s on through the Grampian Mountains to Inverness, then onto Dufftown and away to Fettercairn. Stop at the distilleries on the way and explore the historic hilly regions, taking the time to breathe in the fresh mountain air.
Evening Deer
Bergen to Oslo, Norway
Norway is intoxicating. The romantic and mysterious sceneries, local elk communities, stone chapels peeping out of lush pine forests, rugged coastal outcrops, and white-washed stone cottages on the seaside, with a dense alpine backdrop looking out over the mesmerising coastline, are just some of the breathtaking landscapes that await you. Lasting well over 1000km, the journey is best taken in the summertime.
Highland Pass to Vik
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