The chances of being caught up in a terrorist attack are small, however, tragic events in countries such as France, Tunisia and Egypt have made some people concerned about foreign travel. Many holidaymakers will take out travel insurance but won’t check the small print to see if their policy covers terrorism or their plans being disrupted by it.

Dangers of the open road

For those traveling to high-risk or unstable countries for business, charity work or adventure tourism there are specialist policies with terrorism cover included and benefits that are not available from mainstream travel insurance.

Bought By Many have researched the options for travel insurance with terrorism cover for specialist policies and standard holiday cover.

Specialist travel insurance with terrorism cover

Travel insurance is not just for tourists. Thousands of journalists, charity workers, engineers and government employees travel to dangerous countries that have a higher risk of terrorism and they need insurance that goes beyond a standard travel policy.

Battleface online quote
The choices are more limited but there are places you can go to get off-the-shelf cover for travel to conflict zones, challenging areas or remote locations. Battleface has an online quote form for Individual Travel Medical Expenses Insurance, which it says is not a comprehensive travel insurance policy. But it does offer war and terrorism cover, medical evacuation, cover for hospitalisation and emergency reunion.

Those are the headline features, it also says it can organise political evacuation, it will negotiate with kidnappers and in the event of blackmail and extortion it says: “If someone’s putting the squeeze on you, Battleface can help squeeze back.

Importantly, it covers travel to areas where the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against visiting, which standard tourist travel insurance will not do. Although Battleface does not cover trips to the USA.

Despite the machismo it does appear to provide accessible, specialist cover and the testimonials on its site suggest it can deal with a range of issues. This one is from a UK citizen: “Whilst travelling to Libya I needed to see an English-speaking doctor for my shoulder pain. I contacted Battleface and spoke with Seham, who right away arranged for the doctor to see me and arranged for appointments.”

Libya not everyones choice
Libya – a fascinating country but not everyone’s cup of tea at the moment.

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